We restocked our Multi Bike Bag!

It was designed for mini velos, but they were very popular to be paired with other bikes than we expected!

For this restock, the standard Black is back as always, Olive, and Coyote for the first time in a while.

AND, new colors! Leopard, Purple, and Pink, so 6 colors in total.


The standard way of using it is as a front bag, using a bungee cord and 2 straps that comes with the bag. Strap it onto your handlebar!


If you buy the pannier hook set that is sold separately, you can transform it to a pannier bag!


And with a shoulder strap that comes with the bag, you can wear it on if you want to leave your bike on the side of the road.


When you want to attach a large bag onto a bike, it is always quite an effort to find place to fit it. But this compact bag comes 28cm in width, and 25cm in height, so as well as it is great fit with narrow drop bars, it is also convenient to pair with electric cargo mini velo’s rear rack, which has narrow ground clearance.


If you got one, it serves multiple purposes!

Check it out on all four Blue Lug stores and at Tandem as well!