Hi, it’s Tani from Kamiuma store.

Let me write about Rivendell’s Clem Smith Jr., we recently got restocked at the physical stores.

This is a photo from the ride the other day on our day off. (Thank you for the photos, Ikura!)When I go for a ride using a van with my colleagues and friends,I chose either my BLACK MOUNTAIN CYCLES if the ride is an active one and my Rivendell for a relaxed ride. These 2 brands complements each other for me.

Clem Smith Jr. is a Rivendell I chose for that kind of ride and I really love the frame.


First of all, I would like to say that

“Clem is not Off-road exclusively”

It should be more accurate to describe the frame that “the best daily bike which you can ride for off-road rides” so that Rivendell introduces Clem “HilliBike”.Although please don’t get Clem wrong just because I chose it as my HilliBike, you can build a Clem the best townie with slick tires, basket, kick stand and mud guard.The frame will be a great choice for your partner. As Konno is building one for his wife. It’s not a MTB you should ride in the mountain nor a fragile bike you can only in town. Well it’s simply a multi purpose bike but please watch these videos features Grant-san.

Too cool, too strong.

Too great (the weather), too strong (the wind)

It was very shocking and inspiring to see how he rides his Clem so I decided to build mine as a “HilliBike”.


Ok, after explaining about the frame, let me do a Bike check of my Clem. Why don’t you build yours as a HilliBike too? It’s so much fun.*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52) This forest-green color was not popular when it came out 5 years ago but I love it. It’s great (and yet sad) to see the color is appeared again for this lot. The orange, the other color of this batch is another great classic one of them.


52 size fits perfect for me, 173cm height / 83cm PBH / 71cm (69cm for off road) saddle height.*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52) Tosco bar width 600mm for the handle. This wider width fits better for HilliBike and 550mm (same as Albatros) for daily bike.

I would like to use 650mm of Tosco only if I could get an OS stem (asking Nitto actually).*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52) Using ESI’s grips, wrapping it with cotton bar tape and coating it with shellac varnish.

It’s been already 5 years of gripping it and coating it over and over. The older and more used, the cooler its look gets so I’m trying not to swap the handlebars as much as possible.


I’m picky about where to set shift levers up for Tosco bars.*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52) When I climb up, I tend to grab the fore-grip (behind the brake lever) so I wrap tapes here too.
*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52) Currently I’m using the BANANA SAX instead this old bag. I like the new bag doesn’t have zipper to open/close.

Also this is my recent favorite as well, MKS’s Pretzel Pedal. This is a great pedal for HilliBikes.*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52) Actually, the Pretzel pedals are related to MKS’s GAMMA I’m usually using.

If I remember correctly,To respond to the requests from people who wanted the wider version of the GAMMA aka “Grip Monarch”, the master piece designed by Rivendell,
There have been these side-extension. Finally, MKS made the Pretzel pedals in a piece.*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52) That’s how the Pretzel was born (so I remember).

I chose these pedals because I liked the behind story and its shape which leaves Lambda and Gamma look. Of course, it really grips well with the side pins so they are great for a HilliBike. (the center of the pedal doesn’t slip as GAMMA does occasionally, though I like GAMMA does that).

Have you checked out the 188.25 saddle aka Comfort Saddle? Basically, I’m “team BROOKS” but this saddle is the best for the bikes get muddy because you can just use wet wipes to clean unlike leather saddles.*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52)

Well, to be completely honest, I’ll definitely choose B17 SPECIAL if they are the same price as I love BROOKS haha.*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52)

I copied what Grant-san does, using KING CAGE’s USB to install the bottle cage on the seat tube because I want 2 bottles reachable while riding for summer rides. (Though my shorts get stack with the bottle sometimes)*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52)

Installing Manything Cage on top tube. Clamping 2L bottle in summer or resting feet on it when going down. You can see the small tools are attached with some magnets.



The maximum tire clearance for my lot was 2.4″ and I’m using that size of MAXXIS’s Ardent. I assume the current lot can fit 2.5″ so TERAVAIL’s ehline would be the best?*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52) I put the Shark Fin to prevent chain drop tends to happen to the old lot of Clem like mine. It happens if the chain is in the inner and the tension is not enough when going down. Which simply because I’m not good at riding so Grant-san might say “it’s not because of the bike”.

Anyway, before you scream “Hee-haw!” at down hill, put the front gear to the middle.*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52) This my favorite frame changed how I see and ride bikes.

Please give Clem Smith Jr. a chance not only for your HilliBike but also comfortable townie. This frame will definitely make you happy anyway. *RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52) If you are Japan local, you can test ride both 45 and 52 sizes so please visit our Kamiuma store if you are interested in.