Hi, it’s Kaisei from Hatagaya store.

Today, let me announce the restock of the frames a lot of you have been longing for.


”LO PRO” and METROPOLITAN” from Affinity Cycles.

“Affinity Cycles” is a bike brand based in Brooklyn, New York and “Lo Pro” and “metropolitan” are they symbolic track frames. It’s been 2 years since last time we got them in stock.

Let me write about Lo Pro first. This time it came with the 3 colors.

Cognac Brown (Japan Limited Color)

Iridescent Grey

Keirin Sparkle Black

Lo Pro is known as Affinity’s first product frame came out in 2007. The frame has been here for 17 years with some updates.

I can easily imagine the distinctive pursuit shape frame was very sensational when it came out in the track bike culture back then.

I also can imagine easily from the picture that Takuma is now obsessed with the thrill and excitement the frame gives him.

The geometry features the short wheel base and the sharp head angle.

I’m stoked to hear that the frame was born with a lot of feedbacks from messengers in New York.

Maximum tire clearance is 35c.


Next is “Metropolitan” the one I ride too.

It comes in 3 colors same as Lo Pro.


Lilac Breeze (Japan Limited Color) *only XS and S size

Film Grain Black *Only M and L size

Keirin Sparkle Black

The Metropolitan is known as the frame made by Jason, the founder of Affinity’s respect for Keirin.

The beautiful horizontal shape is very attractive. I was impressed when I rode it last time the frame got stocked.

Its wheel base is quite tight like Lo Pro. The thin and beautiful frame makes me feel really good when I cycle in the city.

As MASH bikes are stocked too, I feel that 2024 will be a year of single-speeds and Fixies.


<On sale date>

Blue Lug stores:23rd Feb (Fri) 2024 at 12pm (JST)

Blue Lug online store:25th Feb (Sun) 2024 at 7pm (JST)


If you are Tokyo local, please come to see our shops to see the demo bikes. We are happy to help you if you want to know about sizing and stuff about the frames. Of course, you can inquire us by email!

Next, let me share my memories with my Metropolitan, I will be glad if you read it.



-Metropolitan and I-

First, let me throw back when I built a Steamroller for my friend in Kagoshima in 2023.

One night, we went for a ride in the city of Kagoshima. It was a such great night made me realize how riding fixed gears is fun.




BLUE LUG Kagoshima(@bluelug_kagoshima)がシェアした投稿

 After that night, I re-watched the film “Premium Rush” and the “Hotline” clip, as well as going to my local “Don Quijote” wearing my messenger bag on the way back home from work.


I have been simply into fixed gears because it’s distinctive and fun, isn’t it?

CMWC in Japan is definitely the best bike event in 2023. That triggered my “Fixie movement” as well.






I’m sure that I’ll be proud of myself participated the cargo race in the future. During the race, I was so excited to see the others cycling because they were so good at riding.

There are lots of photos taken by BL’s photographer and Masa-san on our Flickr. Please take a look at the great photos there!

I’m jealous of myself enjoy being there on that day, actually.

I recall myself going back to Kagoshima, my hometown often to stay last year and now I realized that every time I chose my Metropolitan as my bike to bring. (Singlespeed is suitable for Rinko because it doesn’t have gears)

That ride was with the friend I built the Steamroller! I’m so glad because I can share the joy with my local friend. It’s fun to ride a fixie not only in city but also in country side.

There are lots of unpaved roads in Kagoshima once you are out of the town and of course climbing mountains with single-speed is really tough but that was fun for me.

I went to the castle called “Saruga-jo” with the friend and Azemi from Blue Lug Kagoshima store in August 2023.

It is hard to explain how exactly fun to dive into the river after cycling so hard.




NOBEL ヒデポン(@nobel_hideto)がシェアした投稿

It was one of the best rides I have ever been and so it was for the friend.


Lastly, let me Bike Check mine I rebuilt for Akigase Bikelore in December last year. I wanted to participate Tracklocloss but I didn’t in the end… That’s one of the things I want to try this year.


*AFFINITY CYCLES* metropolitan (M) Let’s see the beautiful horizontal frame. I assume there are lot of you who are attracted to this kind of good looking frames.

I chose M size for myself 181cm height because I want quick handling while I could have ridden L size as well. I still regret myself that cut the column a bit too short the other day. (I’d like to install carbon fork someday…) *AFFINITY CYCLES* metropolitan (M)

*AFFINITY CYCLES* metropolitan (M)

*AFFINITY CYCLES* metropolitan (M)

*AFFINITY CYCLES* metropolitan (M)

The headset, hubs, seat clamp and BB (invisible though) are all Philwood.

As you may know, we use their parts for our own bikes because we believe that Phil’s parts are life-time products.

Once I converted from fixed to free gear, I was so impressed to realize how smooth the BB spins. Their products reall make me feel great.


Please watch this YT video my senior colleagues are talking about Philwood (English subs are available).

*AFFINITY CYCLES* metropolitan (M)As Kaneko-san talks in the video, I get emotional when I see the stem cap reflects blue sky too. Maybe I can use it as my mirror since I don’t have one at home…*AFFINITY CYCLES* metropolitan (M)

*AFFINITY CYCLES* metropolitan (M) The AARN chainring was given to me from Digi-san (the host in the video). The trico camo pattern really suited on the green parts.

I prefer one sided cut hubs. I know the both side ones are useful but I prefer the simplicity of the one sided…!

That’s my tracklocloss version Metropolitan!


As I said before, there must be a lot of people who are in the mood for single-speed as I am right now.

Actually, I already customized mine to a commuter so I’ll write about it next time.

Anyway, thank you for reading through the long post!

I want to cycle hard on Affinity Cycles in Tokyo as if I’m in New York, oh I want to ride it in Kagoshima again, of course. Their frame inspires me to cycle faster somehow.