Just to show you what we did on our general cleaning day at Yoyogi Park store! It’s an additional CRUST’s section.

When it’s done we were like “we did it!” but as I see the photo now, it’s quite a DIY quality rack… Well, good enough right?


Hi, it’s Clint from Yoyogi Park store, let me write about 2 cool CRUST bikes today 🙋‍♂️*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)

*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)

The EVASION ready to go is a special one features the fork from STRIDSLAND, a Danish brand.









 I can feel the same vibe as CRUST has from their Instagram.

The fork is called “Barnacle Lite Fork”. I chose the lite one while they have 15mm thru-axle type as well. The Lite one has got quick-end and is 200g lighter than the 15mm type also it’s rim/disc brake compatible.   *CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)
*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S) Why did I choose the quick-end one but not the 15mm thru-axle…?Because EVASION’s original fork has got 12mm axle-thru.*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S) The hub I used for the bike is*WHITE INDUSTRIES* CLD 12mm thru-axle hub so that the owner can use the same wheel for both the original and the Barnacle fork as well as easy to carry the bike in the car with the quick-end.

The STRIDSLAND’s fork is more angled so you can enjoy quicker ride while the original S-size EVASION’s fork and that quickness amplified the fun of CRUST even more👍

Actually, the owner of the bike lives in Shizuoka and seems like the bike scene there is becoming bigger.

This is a clip from when we went there 2 years ago. The burrito from “Yoakemae” and coffee from “Pint” were just great.

The EVASION’s owner is a friend of the shops actually.*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)
*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S) The owner specifically chose*CRUST BIKES* towel rack bar.

The handlebars have got quite a distinctive shape but it’s surprisingly comfortable. I think the point is that the upper handle is swept back and rise a little bit to make the great handle. Personally I’m not team drop bars but even I might be able to use it fine.


*RON’S BIKES* fabio’s chest for the handlebar bag.

*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S) Actually this one is the small one while this one loads a lot too.

*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)
*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)
*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S) Some color parts are sprinkled just a little bit to match the frame color.

The gold seat clamp is *DKG* flip lock clamp. You don’t need any tool to adjust height with this quick release clamp so it’s recommended for those of you share the bike with someone or goes to trail often.*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)
*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S) The crank had to be MIDDLE BURN from the U.K to make the bike looking great. I used RS8 x-type crank since EVASION has got 73mm BB shell. Please check out this cosmetic custom to make myself satisfied.*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)
*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)
*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)


*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)Thank you owner for the great EVASION!




*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M)
*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M) 


Ok, let’s check the BOMBORA next.

This is a new color from this batch. The Celos carbon fork model is great but this one is with steel fork.*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M)*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M) Actually, this is the second color for BOMBORA. This unique graphic design is based on “Sea creature”, I guess that means Kraken, the octopus with the 3 eyes.

“Bombora is named after Matt’s favorite Australian wave. He, the owner of CRUST bike is called “Sea monster” by his wife Cheech because his mood is depending on the ocean. The ocean can both give and take from you. Basically, the new color is themed as “The evil version of Bombora.”

Cent told me that story according to CRUST and it made me really curious about the frame. It was really good to know the story behind about the frame paint since there have been a lot of graphic pattern for the recent CRUST’s frames.*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M)
*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M) The handle bars are *Magic Component’s moth bar*, an original handle bars from CRUMB WORKS in Nakano, Tokyo.

Actually, the handle bars are popular and a lot of customers are asking us to build their bike with them. It has only a few bikes to fit the handle great but when they fit, they really fit great. Initially, I thought they are a wider version of B352 but actually they are totally different.

First of all, the handle is super wide (B352/550mm and Moth bar/745mm!!) so that around 3cm on each end are cut on the BOMBORA to make the ride smoother.

*VELO ORANGE* cru brake lever with OURY grips. It’s comfortable to use these thin and light levers.*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M)
*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M) Some red parts are installed too. I like CRUST bikes built with color parts.

*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M) Same as the EVASION I wrote about previously, the bag is *RON’S BIKES* fabio’s chest and this is BLUE LUG’s exclusive one designed by Ronnie. This color scheme is something Japanese people won’t come up with, I think.

Even the tulip patterned inner, the symbol of Ron’s Bikes.

*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M)
*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M)
*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M) PHIL WOOD for its headset. The design is quite subtle while the quality is the best so if you prefer something simple, this is your choice.*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M)
*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M) 700c × 42c *ULTRADYNAMICO* tires for city ride and 11s gravel component to go to trails with owner’s child.

*CRUST BIKES* bombora (M) While BOMBORA can be built great with carbon fork plus drop handlebars, this city cruising style  is another way to build BOMBORA nicely.

I’m quite curious about the frame since I built this bike as a city bike.

Thank you for reading through!