THE INCONVENIENCE STORE, which always brings us cute knick-knacks, flower and good vibe is going to open a store in Hatagaya, Tokyo!

From this weekend, May 25th!

They seem to have WAPPEN HOUSE, an exhibition of handmade patches made by PEPPERMINT CLUB from May 25th- June 2nd. Looking forward to tons of cutest patches!

The store is located in between of LUG and HUB, along Koshu-Kaido avenue.

And we are going to launch a new handlebar bag on the same day!
It is named ‘BENTO BAG’, and the word ‘Bento’ means packed meal in Japanese.
Literally, it’s a handlebar bag just right for Japanese bento box




Rounded flap brings back memories of a classic rando bag.

Simple, comfy and easy to use.

Good size for a day ride.

Vivid color ways.

We definitely love it!

Personally, magnetic buckles are the favorite point that makes it easier to open and close.

It’s always designed for 6-pack in the US, but it’s well known for its ease of use.

And more, I really love its witty name like “if 6-pack turns into something Japanese, it would be “Bento”, right?, so this is gonna be ‘BENTO BAG’!”.

The color ways are chose by BLUE LUG, THE INCONVENIENCE STORE, and Isaac Ramos from Peace Sports. Every single one is the best! Please come and visit them!

<Drop Date>
BLUE LUG shops and THE INCONVENIENCE STORE : May 25th (Sat) at 12pm
BLUE LUG Online Store : May 27th (Mon) at 19pm