Those were some pictures taken at the event we did last year with Yoakemae, a Tex Mex Restaurant based in Shizuoka Japan. The last event was only for friends and family, but we’re doing the same event open for visitors!

Yoakemae is coming to Lug to serve delicious Tex Mex food.

“YOAKEMAE × BLUELUG @ lug hatagaya”

Date : Feb. 19 (Mon) 6pm-11pm
Place : LUG HATAGAYA (2-19-1  Hatagaya Shibuya)

There will be great drinks served by Lug and great food served by Yoakemae. I can already tell it’ll be a good time. Come down to Lug Hatagaya if you are in town next week.


YOAKEMAE × BLUELUG long sleeve T-shirts
(*The grey shirts are exclusive colors for Yoakemae. )

We got some cool shirts and bags we made for this lovely event too.

Here’s a Bike Check video when we visited their restaurant.

See y’all next week!