Have you seen “SPECIAL CONTENTS” on BLUE LUG’s website? I strongly recommend you to check that because there are lots of event reports we participated as well as interviews we did with many bike brands and makers.

Today, I’d like to talk about Singular Cycles, one of the features we recently added on the Special Contents.

Singular Cycles is a British brand born in 2006, it was when I started to work at a bicycle shop. Their MTB bike featuring 29er tires left me an impression since I was into track bikes as many other people were too. Actually “Single speed MTB” was cultic back then and in fact lots of brands made their 29ers. (Btw, I used to ride Salsa’s El Mariachi and HARO’s Mary 29er SS designed by BMC’s Mike was popular back then)

Among them, Singular Cycles was distinctive because of their classic design. While I was working at the shop I couldn’t have a chance to see a Singular but after the years as I’m working at Blue Lug, we started to sell them.

We started with their Randonneur “PEREGRINE” and then dirt drop bike “GRYPHON” as our line up. (Watch this YT video features the GRYPHON too)


Although I have been building their bikes as a mechanic, I still didn’t know about their history and I wanted to know it, so I got a little help from our global and web team to interview Sam, the founder of Singular Cycles.

Interview with SINGULAR’s Sam Alison

It was good to know his roots and relation with track bikes, also it was interesting to hear about golf from him. I don’t play golf but what he says here makes sense actually. Please read the interview not only if you are interested in Singular but also because it’s a good read to know him as a cyclist and a brand owner.

Thank you for taking the interview with us, Sam-san!