Hi, it’s Tommy from Yoyogi Park store.

Did you know that it’s basically the end of the year? Time really flies, right?? I feel like it’s still in March…

Thankfully I could visit a lot of places with my bikes and all the places were great.

・”On a whim trip” to Shizuoka.

・Trip to Kagoshima by flight

・Hakushu Bikelore

・Camp touring in Hokkaido

・Trip to Niigata to participate a custom car show as UNVER.

etc etc…

Actually I often load my bike on my car or take trains and planes to Rinko when I go for rides. As I visit a lot of places I realized that bikes and cars, the 2 things I love are not “+(plus)” but “×(multiple)” for me. I have been researching how I can make the combination more fun and cool.

Sean from CUB HOUSE is super cool for instance.




Sean Talkington(@itsmeseant)がシェアした投稿

 As a conclusion, I decided to organize an event to expand the circle of “6WHEELS” to see how other people are enjoying thier bikes and cars! (it’s almost the time though)




will be held everyone’s favorite BIKELORE in Akigase!

(↑↑↑Click here to see the details and application foam) *What’s BIKELORE? see here features photos and video.*

As you might have realized already, 6wheels = bike(2wheels) + car(4wheels). Of course 10 wheels with 3 bikes are more than welcome! Roof career, hitch career or putting a bike directly on a pick-up van, anyway is fine. Basically it’s fine as long as your bike is loaded on your car. We allow you even if your loading is a bit reckless because your cool way might encourage someone haha. There might be something not perfect but I hope there will be a lot of participants for for this new event…

That will be awesome if the participants and people interested in bike+car communicate at the event!! Also, there will be an another car-meeting hosted by TOKYO BASIC CAR CLUB on the 2nd Saturday in BIKELORE. I’m looking forward to seeing the cultural exchange!





 Of course, we are having a booth as Blue Lug as well!! We are going to bring our merch as well as staff bikes for your test ride.

Don’t miss “ONE SHOT RACE” hosted by Kaneko-san as well!!!

If you are coming to Japan in a few weeks or live in Japan already, let’s dive into the world of the wheels at BIKELORE!!!