This is what Blue Lug Hatagaya’s bike rack looks in the morning.The Hatagaya branch is basically the HQ, so there are other staffs other than sales floor/ mechanic guys. On the day we took this picture, there were 23 staff commuters on the bike rack.

WTB 19%

As you can see, many of our crew members prefer Brooks saddles for their commuters.

Here are some of the leather saddles we carry…

Left : Brooks from New England

Center : Gilles Berthoud from France

Right : Selle Anatomica from USA.

“Selle” means saddle in French btw.


Brooks saddles has a large amount of varieties in their saddles.

We tend to get the question “What are the differences?” so let’s briefly break a few of the popular models.

*VELO ORANGE* polyvalent low kicker (M)

*SURLY* cross check (52)

B17, the most classic model in their line up. Getting around, commuting, touring, it can do it all. The B17 has been around for 100 years and I think that pretty much explains how good these saddles are.

*SURLY* steamroller (49)

*CRUST BIKES* romanceur canti (55)

The modern racing model “Swift” .

They say on their website, the saddle is for road bikes, gravel bikes and fixed gear bikes.


*SURLY* straggler (52)

Born in 1937, the Swallow is the classic racing saddle that was used by some of the Tour de France riders.

Those are probably the top 3 Brooks saddles we use on our builds. The B17 has few different types.

*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (58)

*RIVENDELL* sam hillborne (51)

The Flyer that features a big spring on the rear side. It is quite heavy if I’m being honest, but as you can probably imagine, the springs gives you extra comfort for your booties.

I have the Flyer on my commuter bike and it kind of feels like the springs absorbs the force of pedaling, so I wouldn’t recommend them to people who wants speed.


Lastly, people find it hard to choose between…

*ALL-CITY* gorilla monsoon frame set (55)


The Standard Model


:*RIVENDELL* susie w. longbolts/wolbis slugstone frame set (50)


and the “special”model

The standard model has steel railings and steel rivets, while the special model has bronze railings and bronze rivets. Not only do they have bronze rivets and railings, the rivets are actually hammered down by the fine craftsmen at Brooks, so that the rivets won’t cause any uncomfortable rubbing on your inner thighs.

It is said that the amount of work they put into the “special” model is the same amount of work for making 25 standard models of the B17. I first thought the price of the special version is quite ridiculous, but now I get it.

That was my beginner’s guide to Brooks leather saddles.