Hi everyone, it’s Cent from Yoyogi Park Store.

Lots of my bikes have been ridden for a while now, and I altered flavors for some of them. Now it’s a good time to share some of those updates.


Our guest for today’s blog is the bike I built it right after I joined Blue Lug, SURLY Long Haul Trucker.

*SURLY* long haul trucker (52)When I first built this bike in 2018, I was so into Old MTBs. So I built my LTH with 26″ tires, with a YETI painted frame! Looking back at it now, it still looks FRESH.

This photo is how it looked in 2020… (Wait, where are those cranks? somewhere in my house…)

I was not here to share how good SURLY is for this blog, but I have to say this. I LOVE that we can do whatever custom to their bikes, but even though we thought we’ve done it all, there’s always room to do more.

(For example, having a 8-speed rear down tube shifter on the left side of the down tube… had to try these out!)
*SURLY* long haul trucker (52)

And a few years have passed…

and now it looks like this.
*SURLY* long haul trucker (52)I attached a Cargo Fork by CRUST and gifted extra ability, as well as updating its VIBE.

I initially had this fork on a GT’s Old MTB, but when I tripped myself over with this bike, The frame became out of service, and only the fork remained. I learnt that old things are old, don’t always respect too much of its legacy.

Anyway, the bike is well in use, has been used as a “Fright train” for Hatagaya Backsweeps’ baseball training recently.

Let me share some details from here.

*SURLY* long haul trucker (52)BMX brand T-1’s grips are just supreme.

*SURLY* long haul trucker (52)N4FL hub with hub guards from PRIMO, one of my favorite parts that I also use it on my BMX. Built with the rim that was lying around. SURLY, CRUST, and BMX all in one. SICK.
*SURLY* long haul trucker (52)MKS GRAFIGHT-XX, The updated revival version of the former model which was very popular amongst vintage BMX riders. I remember BMX brand KHE releasing a carbon copy of the original pedal after MKS discontinued it… Anyway, so unique to its own, I love it.
*SURLY* long haul trucker (52)I like the 1.95″ size. I also like how WTB so cool as a brand, made this all-terrain tire with not-so-cool tread patterns.
*SURLY* long haul trucker (52)Writing this blog, I grew more fond of this bike! Maybe be I’ll make some tweaks again.

And that wrap up for today’s bike sharing, which I guess is not that going to be useful for most people out there haha


For people who have owned some custom bikes in the past, I’m sure that the chaotic nature of SURLY will arouse your curiosity to DIY it, that’s what I wanted to share through this blog!


Thanks for reading, bye for now!