This is a story when I was choosing items that makes my bike packing cool for this year’s SWIFT CAMPOUT.


By the way, I now ride my Evasion Lite by CRUST BIKES.

*CRUST BIKES* evasion lite (XM)

I have been wanting this on my bike for a long while if I were to go on a bike packing trip.

SALSA Anything Cage HD

Why I chose this item? Simple.

It’s huuuuuge!!!

For this trip to Hokkaido, I had to bring a big and puffy sleeping bag for winter. Besides, the bigger the better, right? You never know when you might have to carry something extra in those type of rides.

The plate on the bottom has great stability even if you strap a 2 litre pet bottle.

with the 2 extra 20 inch plus straps that comes with the cage, you are able to strap most things with ease (I think those straps are a big bonus)




As I have written here about my packing details, I chose the small size Fabio’s chest on a NITTO M-1B front rack.


About time to attach my cage… but wait a minute…?

With the M-1B on, I cannot mount it. The rack does not even reach the fork.


Yes, this is one slight disadvantage compared to other cages we got. It doesn’t come with holes that can avoid the struts.


For example, the WIDEFOOT cargo mount can be attached like below without hitting the struts to support the rack,

But on the anything cage, you cannot have that. But I still want my M-1B with it. How would I solve this dilemma…

After a few moments, one answer came to mind.

If there’s no holes, make one! Tweak the cage itself!



So first, I checked which part of the cage is hitting with the struts.

For my bike, it was there in the middle.


I used a metal saw to cut off that little bump. (I don’t recommend a box cutter, you have to put extra force when cutting and it’s dangerous.)

In full focus mode, to make the section flat as much as possible.

once you cut it off, file the section for a smooth surface.


This was the result.

Yeah, looks good.


Now it’s time to attach it.

Operation “Get Clearance”: accomplished!

And now let’s fit the M-1B.

Fitted in gorgeously.

Made out of plastic means you can make tiny adjustments on your own (with your own responsibility). During my 3 days of camp rides, I had no issues with it.


Yes it may be a bit of an effort compare too other cages like the WIDEFOOT, but that extra care might grant you eatra love for the product…

Try it out, I fully recommend it for any adventure rides with tons of things to carry.


I hope it helped!