If you didn’t know, we have been doing worldwide shipping for about 5 years now.
We really cannot thank you so much for all the love and support you give us .

It is truly an amazing thing that we get to deliver the products that we love using from awesome manufacturers around the world and the silly little things that we make here at Blue Lug.

Fortunately, there are more and more people who find out about us everyday. Some of you are very experienced with this world of bicycles and some of you are new to it.

In this blog post, we’d like to give you the top ten best selling items of this month to give you an idea of what is “popping” recently here at Blue Lug.

Here we go!

1:*PANARACER* gravel king SK 26″ tire (brown)

#26aintdead !!

With the trend of vintage MTBs, it totally makes sense.
GravelKing tires are very reliable. They are very affordable, durable, lightweight and they have a massive selection of sizes.
If you can’t decide what tires to get for your new bike project, we would highly recommend getting a pair of GraveKing tires!


2:*NITTO* S65 seatpost (silver)

NITTO rules. There is no denying.
The details and the durability…everything about NITTO parts are just fascinating. The S65 seat post is undoubtably the most popular seat post we carry. Go checkout Shami’s product review to read more in depth about these seat posts.


3:*BLUE LUG* downtube shift boss cover (silver)

Honestly speaking, you can probably find a similar product in the market.
Most of the times in this kind of product, they have a brand logo engraved in them. (not saying that it’s a bad thing)
We just wanted something solid and almost unrecognizable to cover the downtube shift bosses, so we made these around 2 years ago and people seem to like it!
There are two more color options for these, if you are interested.


4:*OURY* V2 grip (gum/BL special)

We will always love Oury Grips.
10 years from now, Tokyo was filled with track bike riders and we were also a track bike focused shop.
Back then, Oury was extremely hard to find in the Japanese bike shops and it is truly a blessing that we get the opportunity to make our own color-way of the grips and we are very happy to know that you guys dig the color!


5: *BLUE LUG* KOMA light rear (silver)

Koma is great because you can make the light look like it’s a part of the bike.
You can attach the lights to the braze ons or eyelets on your bike frame. They are made of aluminum and has no logos to keep it nice and simple to look good on all types of bikes.


6: *NITTO* M-1B front racks

The Nitto M-1B front racks are actually a product that Nitto made for us. The “B” in M-1B stands for Blue Lug. Before the M-1B, we would often use the M-18 front rack. We started to realize the included struts are often too short for certain bike frames such as the LHT, Cross x Check and Disc Trucker from Surly.
We asked Nitto if they can include longer struts, have four strut mounts and dynamo light mounts as a new feature and this masterpiece was born. They are the perfect front racks to put the WALD 137 baskets.


7: *BLUE LUG* MINI triangle reflector (assort)

Certified Blue Lug Classic!
Well, to be real, the Triangle Reflectors (Yellow) are the Blue Lug Classics, but people seem to be in the mood for the tiny ones this month. Also they’re very cheap so people would often get more than one of them, making the numbers go up.


8:*DIA-COMPE* DC980 retro canti brake

Many bike manufacturers are getting modernized each day with the new high-tech specs and such.

Here at Blue Lug, we still like building bikes with the traditional specs, such as rim brakes. Dia-Compe is one of the few Japanese manufacturers who still make these classic bike parts and that’s why we love them.

With the vintage bike boom that’s going on in the world as we mentioned on the GravelKing tires, these brakes also makes sense to be in the popular item list.


9:*BLUE LUG* smile reflector clip

These are probably the cutest product we have.
They’re very fun hi-vis charm to put on the baskets, bags and under the saddle with the *BL SELECT* color cable ties.
Everyone of our staffs has probably bought at least one of them throughout the years of working here.
They’re cheep and really catchy so I recommend throwing these in the cart if you are needing more kawaiiness to your ride.


10:*BL SELECT* brass spacer

Ah, we love people who care about small details.
We believe that the smallest details in bikes matter the most. It seems like you guys have the same way of thinking and that makes us very happy. If you are a fan of making your bike look extra fly, these brass spacers will do it.

There you have it!
I hope this was interesting enough for ya’ll!
We don’t plan on stopping the international shipping. We want to keep growing and keep providing riders who live overseas with the stuff we produce or carry.

We pack all of the orders carefully and we will ship them within 24 hours after you have placed the order through DHL. (Mon – Fri)
The average shipping cost is around $35 – $50 USD.
Your package should arrive within 3 to 5 business days if everything goes smoothly (which in most cases it will.)

Once again, thank you so much for the support! We’ll keep on keeping on!