Quick post!
You can now purchase our fun little stickers individually.

*BLUE LUG* House Logo sticker

*BLUE LUG* Japanese Box Logo sticker

I’m not sure if this will help anybody, but I hope some people could be psyched about it.

After all, you couldn’t choose which stickers you wanted for the *BLUE LUG* sticker pack

Speaking of which, we also upgraded the pack from 5 pcs sticker packs to 10 pcs sticker packs!  You will now get 10 random stickers per each purchase.

Of course, we don’t have unlimited amount of stickers so if you were looking for a specific sticker, now is your time to grab or squeeze them in a order you were cooking up for a new bike project and such.
For the individual stickers, you will get one per each purchase, so you could technically create a custom sticker pack.
Each of the stickers have an origin story of how they were born. If you are bored out of your mind, I can suggest taking a look at them on the product pages.

BLUE LUG original sticker line up is HERE

Have fun ya’ll!