October 2019.

Back to when life was pretty much more simple, the two icons, Ronnie and Pat. touched down at Blue Lug.

One night we were having a blast. Drinking, chatting.

A casual hangout but those times were very special.

That night, our bag designer Anne, ask the Ronnie and Patt if we could do somekind of project.

They willingly agreed.

“I’m not so sure if they will remember it”

Said Anne.

We did have a bit more than a few to drink so maybe…

But of course, that was not the case!

The next day when we were getting some coffee, Ronnie said that he wanted to make a cap.

Two years later, it’s finally here.

The Rose cap is made of Japanese linen with a fancy brass adjuster, by uncle Ron’s request.

We’ve made several trips to multiple fabric companies to find the right linen material.

No top button for fitting a helmet over the cap comfortably and the brim is thin and soft so that you could shove it in a bag when riding.

We are SOOO excited and proud of how it came out!!

Launching in all three stores at June 5th Saturday 12:00 p.m. (JP standard time)

Launching online from June 6th Sunday 7:00 P.M. (JP standard time)


We’re really hoping that you guys like this cap!