Whats up guys, This is Cent from Blue Lug Yoyogi-park.


I’d like to start off this blog with a personal hot topic…

This is a special frame I ordered around last spring. This frame was built by none other than Tom La Marche from La Marche Bike Co. who I met at the Made Bike show in Portland.

It finally arrived a few weeks ago. It’s one of those frames I dreamt of and I am just in shock by how sick the actual frame looks in person. I can’t even decide how to build it up, honestly.

I’ll share the build if I can ever make the decision of how I build it.


In other news, we just got some cool bits and bobs from Crust Bikes, including these 24 palm headsets I used in a build, which I will show later on in this blog.

We also have these 1″ front cable hangers and 1″ spacers with some fine curves.

They are available in puple, pink, green, silver and black.

I can already tell they’ll look really good on Crust Bikes.

There should be a restock for the Ortho Bars and the Nullar Bars soon, so stay tuned for those.

Let’s go ahead and check one of the bikes I built for the shop display.

*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)
*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)
*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)*CRUST BIKES* evasion (M)

It’s been a while since I last built an Evasion for the shop display.

The bike below is an Evasion build from 4 years ago, which I built to showcased the possibilities of this frame with keeping a BMX back ground in mind.

*CRUST BIKES* evasion (XM)

The theme of this build is “New possibilities and a combinations of guaranteed greatness”.

*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)
Crust x Ultraromance Towel Rack bars.

I know some of you are still sceptical about the handlebars, but feel really good. I highly recommend trying them out.

Brifters to make things easy.
*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)

I chose to go with a 700c build for this Evasion. These tires are 700cx2.0″ so I guess you ca call it 29er. I love how well the bike rides on road with this set up. The downside is that it feels a bit clunky when making sharp turns, but I think its a fair trade off.

*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)
Blue Lug YMC Crank. Love how it looks and love how it’s pretty reasonable. Crust Bikes x MKS Sylvan Gordito Pedals, gets the job done.

*CRUST BIKES* evasion (S)

I had a few people test ride this one. Their reaction was mostly something like “oh its fast!” or something like “this rides really well!”. The Evasion is known for it’s tank-like image of a bike, but just by changing the wheels, that becomes different.

I really like the 700c x Towel Rack bar combo. I highly recommend this build.

You can ride or even purchase this bike at the Yoyogi-prk store.

See y’all there!

*CRUST BIKES* evasion (M)