As Min-min introduced a little bit, SDG special order saddles are now in stock!

I’m so jealous that the saddle matches his Florida Man really well.

“SDG is back!!”

It’s been three years since the last time.

The big boss says he misses the leopard saddle, so we went ahead and ordered them along with some other cool color-ways.

At the time, the leopard pattern reminded me of the Japanese “Gyaru” culture in the early 2000s, so I decided to choose the colors with the Gyaru culture in mind.

And this is it. Leather top with reflective sides. Full on Love Revolution 21 vibes.

Both of the colors flew off the shelves. I was relieved and thankful.

We tried to re-ordering them for round 2, but that didn’t work out due to multiple reasons, so I decided to work on new designs.

I present you the 2024, Blue Lug color-way SDG saddles.

Can you feel it?

The black saddles are made of denim material with nylon sides. This brings me back to the Shibuya Dogenzaka area in the early 2000s…

Ah, the stripped cotton with canvas sides…I can almost smell the Coppertone and the beach. I can almost feel the sun tan. Beach party vibes right here.

*RIVENDELL* atlantis (53)

SDG saddles are one of those saddles that always works. Whenever I’m not feeling the saddles on a build, I go with the SDG saddle and it works like magic.


Started as a small hand-made garage manufacturer in South California, USA,

SDG has invented world’s first kevlar saddle, and been manufacturing flashy saddles.

With their brand name “Speed Defies Gravity”, they have a long history of saving the MTB hill bomber’s asses and has supported numerous MTB brands.

*CRUST* wombat (S)

I’m sure that most people who were fascinated by the 2000’s MTB has tried the Bel-Air at least once in their life.

Digging through an old information on the internet, I found everyone was raving its superb comfort.

Of course everyone has their own preference, but this is a magical saddle that a lot people find comfort.


*CRUST BIKES* evasion (M)

These two colors from the last run are restocked.

Not Gyaru inspired, but certainly special ordered.

*CRUST BIKES* evasion (M)

Adding to its great fit, we chose a grippy fabric on the top.

Rubber-like grippy material with rough surface grips your ass really tight.

*CRUST BIKES* evasion (M)

With respect for their history, sides are made with kevlar, same as their original products.

I have a bittersweet memory of slipping out from the saddle when practicing wheelies when I was younger, so I thought making these “almost too grippy saddles” were a fun way to nod to the younger Kaneyan.

…which is a story I never told until then. Y’all feeling the Bel-Air saddles?

Speaking of saddles, these funny saddles just came in.

I couldn’t find a reason to put a giant hole in the saddle, so hopped back in to the internet to do some research.

Like, I get what the hole is for and it would make more sense if it was for a BMX in the 80s but are there anyone who does a Miami Hopper in 2024?

However, I was convinced after reading the descriptions on the WTB website.

Recent E-bikes, especially E-MTBs are getting really heavy and it’s hard to push it up on the trail or to hook it up on bike racks.

Apparently WTB has patented this pick up handle to help the E-Bike riders.

We don’t have E-Bikes here, but…

We do have this and this thing is pretty heavy, so it makes total sense!

I wondered how much it helps hooking up this heavy bike with there pick up handles, so I tried hooking it up to our bike rack at the shop.

I did feel a slight benefit. I could just grab the nose of the saddle, but I’d say it was easier to lift the bike up.

That being said, I do think it makes a huge difference when you are lifting up a heavier bike.

After messing around, Digital’s new bike jumped into my eyes.

Let’s see how this patented pick up handles by WTB works on a Bike Friday…

Having a place to grab firmly when folding, it makes it way easier to lift, and there’s no worries of  pinching your hands on the bike.

Then Anne comes out of the shop saying,

“I wonder if I can make use of this on my Brompton.”

If I face the saddle backwards when I fold the Brompton…Will it make it easier to lift? (Not sure about this one…)

Anywho, there’s really no harm in having this pick up handle.

This might be a creation for anybody who rides a bike.

WTB’s technology is packed into this compact saddle.

(This is probably the most Blue Lug way to use this handle.)

Let’s see how you use yours.

Lastly, this doesn’t have anything to do with saddles, but I just wanted to show a few stickers I made.

Introducing the Tube Stickers.

If cars have bumper stickers, bikes should have something similar to them. Something to express how we feel.

4×11 (cm) stickers are just the right size for the tubes.

Stickers of principles and policies are a bit too aggressive, so I took some quotes from my favorite movies.

I’d be stoked if you can get which movies they are from.

Of course bomb it wherever you want.

Those were some reenactments of the movies. Hope you got em.

See ya!