Sent just built up this super nice Romanceur Canti for the display bike.

*CRUST BIKES* romanceur canti (50)
*CRUST BIKES* romanceur canti (50)
*CRUST BIKES* romanceur canti (50)
*CRUST BIKES* Romanceur Canti (52)

You can see Sent’s love for Crust in each of the Crust build he does.
According to Sent, the theme of this build was a “classic Romanceur”. Let’s look at what he means by that.

As you can see by the pictures, you can see that the bike has the Towel Rack Bar and the Mars Tires.

Both of those components are designed by Ultraromance himself, who is also the designer of the Romanceur frame if you didn’t know.

This is what Sent meant by a “classic Romanceur”. He incorporated the parts that were designed by the person who designed the frame. You can’t go wrong with that right?

*CRUST BIKES* romanceur canti (50)

Sent reckons having the Towel Rack bar low and close. He says that You can have a strong grip and it feels like holding on to a flat bar with the same width.

*CRUST BIKES* romanceur canti (50)Gotta get them gold chains.

Sent has been into cutting the BL cotton bar tape into sword looking shape for the chain stay recently.
The color of the bar tape is navy. He applied some of shellac and became this brownish color. Nice little touch there.

*CRUST BIKES* romanceur canti (50)

You can see more pics of the bike, along with all the other builds we did for our customers on our flickr account. →

*CRUST BIKES* romanceur canti (50)

Speaking of the Romanceur, Crust just uploaded a fun video.

You can see @ScubaSteve enjoying the beautiful trail of LA with his Romanceur.
God, how I wish to ride those trails someday. Go check out the vid if your still haven’t!