California. The home of…

Dry weather and lots of blue sky,

colorful buildings,

the beach filled with tourists,

great skateparks (based on a perspective of a Japanese.)

ridiculously high calorie but delicious cuisine,

and the slow paced lifestyle.

There’s definitely more of what I like about California, based on the three times I’ve been there, but those were the things that stood out the most for a typical Japanese person who’s trapped in this humid and small island country.

Despite the fact that California is known for their insane amount of traffic, California is the home of many legendary bicycle shops/companies, which we are very familiar with.

They got Rivendell from SF, Pass And Stow racks from Oakland, Philwood from San Jose, Paul Components from Chico, Black Mountain Cycles from Point Reyes, Golden Saddle Cycles from LA and so on.

For a bike shop who looked up to those companies and shops, it is just fun to look at the map of California and learn where all those companies are located.

We recently had a very special opportunity to do a fun little project with a local cyclist of SoCal…



Peace Sports(@peace.sports)がシェアした投稿

Many people from the area might already have seen this post.
We did a special run of these reflectors with a brand/project called “Peace Sports”. I’d like to introduce the person who’s behind it.




Isaac Ramos(@realfanshitonly)がシェアした投稿

This is Isaac Ramos ( @realfanshitonly )

He is an artist, a father of two, collector of toys, records, books and bikes.

As you can see, he has two Riv bikes and a Monster Cross by Black Mountain Cycles. (Thanks for using the FW frame bag!)
By looking at his IG page, I think he has even more bikes!

Being a bike enthusiast he is…





He previously worked with GSC,

Being a collector he is…

He is great friends with The Inconvenience Store, the gift shop we are also great friends, over at Costa Mesa. In fact, Yuta over at The Inconvenience Store was the person who introduced us to Isaac-san!

I just love when the local community helps each other to connect with another community.





(I’m just gonna leave this post because that Wu-Tang Clan grip rules.)


“Peace Sports” is a brand/project Isaac runs.

I was fortunate to be the one to get in contact with Mr. Ramos and I asked him what Peace Sports is about…

“Peace Sports is about spreading positive messages. We are inspired by people and their passions. We believe you need to move your body to keep your mind healthy. I want to make Peace Sports products that make people smile and help their lives. I want to introduce new images and ideas into bicycling culture! ”

He says.
We’d love to see him in person one day and go for the humid and blazing hot Japanese ride!


Okay, now let’s take a look at the lil goodie we made.

Wrong picture.

*PEACE SPORTS x BLUE LUG* Safety Triangle (Yellow/Orange)

Ain’t it kawaii??
We made the little Safety Reflector dude which you can see in Isaac’s artworks in real life!

I hung it with “the original triangle reflector”. Looks pretty nice!

The package is also very kawaii.




Peace Sports(@peace.sports)がシェアした投稿

This is also very wholesome.

Each of the reflectors will get one of these lil triangles.

Yes, they work.

The triangles themselves are rad enough, but we asked Isaac if we could carry some more stuff. The answer was yes!

*PEACE SPORTS* safety triangle musette and zine

It’s a nice traditional musette.

Like the reflectors, Isaac has included a gift for the people who bought the musettes. So generous!
The bag comes with the very first issue of the “Peace Sports Illustrated”, which is a zine by Isaac, with the pictures he took in his rides.

I really enjoyed looking at him and his friends smiling and just riding under the California sunshine.
We surely can’t go on a ride as the same scale, but we can sure ride our bikes with friends and smile and this zine inspires you to do so!

We’ve been getting a lot of rain recently and we can’t go ride without getting wet and feeling miserable, but this zine is helping me to at least get motivated to ride as soon as the sun comes out. When that sun peaks it’s face out from the clouds, it’s on. I’m gonna gather my friends and go out. Move my body and keep my mind healthy like Isaac says.

The musettes are available in 4 colors. Royal, natural, black and red.

Get your squad a matching bag 🙂

We should be able to finally have some fun events for the upcoming summer here in Japan.
What about where you live? How’s all the COVID thing? There’s no comment section in these blogs so idk why i even ask questions…

Anyway, all the products of Peace Sports are now up online.

Isaac-san! If you’re seeing this, thank you so much for this fun project!!