Fairweather’s packable bag is back with some updates!!!

Outer pockets are now a made with meshed fabric, to improve breathability and visibility.

The capacity had shrunk just a bit from 15L to 14L, to optimize it with other factors like the fabric and its purpose.

We made the lightweight, compact, and water-repellent Silicon Cordura ripstop (260g) version, as well as the Spectra ripstop (320g) version, making this ripstop fabric more durable with the Spectra fiber (same fiber as the Dyneema, but different name for trademark reasons) weaved in.

You can choose from the color of course, but if you prefer the lightness and the softness, choose the Silicon version. For more durability, get the Spectra!

By just squeezing the whole thing in the pocket inside, voilà!

We chose those vivid color for the pocket so that it won’t be buried inside a massive travel bag for example.

Opening/closing the bag is straight forward, just need to pull the cord!

Mesh pockets can be also opened and closed with a cord, and it comes with a removable chest strap.

The Thermarset Z-seat can be perfectly fitted in the bag. If you want to get more stability when using the bag, or feel uncomfy with the stuff inside the bag, definitely give it a go! It makes quite a difference in my opinion.

This bag was designed to achieve even more capacity compared to the Packable sacoche, which is also a great supplementary bag for long touring and camp rides. I’m sure both serves you very well!