Hi, it’s Issue from Kamiuma store.

The great Japanese bicycle parts maker “NITTO”. We hold an annual event called “Day of NITTO” on 10th February (February/2 is read “ni” and 10 is read “to” in Japanese. Yes it’s a wordplay)

Last year we did a YouTube live stream from Yoyogi-Park store to celebrate their 100th(!) anniversary with Mr. Yoshikawa, the president of NITTO.

It was simply honor to hear their history from Yoshikawa himself. What do we have this year…? Please wait for it for a while.



Today, I, the craziest NITTO lover of Blue Lug would like to introduce you their restocked and new products. I’m sorry that the first thing I’m writing is not made by NITTO nor even bike parts but let me tell you that the popular NITTO’s college logo hoodies and sweatpants are restocked. I like them because they could be both for dressing up to go out or down to just to relax.

I can easily imagine that when you meet a friend of yours who doesn’t know bicycles will ask “What’s NITTO?” but actually isn’t it a chance to start talking about your love of NITTO?

It would be great if someday they got nicely worn out and are sold at old clothes shop as vintage.

Next one is their new aluminium stem “MT-8”. The stem has BMX-like 50mm short length and the big-headed bolts fits for 6mm hex-wrench.

Nowadays there have been only THOMSON’s X4 or PAUL’s BOXCAR STEM for short stems which 31.8mm clamp handlebars can fit but here MT-8 comes as third force.

They will be a great choice not only for MTBs but also drop bar dirt bikes features long top tube such as SURLY’s grappler.There 6 colors of them and it’s unusual that NITTO makes such a color variation. I’m intrigued by the gunmetal on the right in the photo.Next one is this. Can you recognize there is a converter? This is for classic 1-inch thread stem frames (like Keirin ones) to install modern 1-1/8 ahead stems.

I guess some of you might say “Haven’t there been something like this? It’s not a new product, is it?”

NITTO did a bit of minor change and now it has got a cap so that head of bolt is now covered. It’s so neat. I think there were people who didn’t like that small part.

There is black one of course. While there are lots of cheap version of them since it’s a niche part, I like NITTO’s craftsman’s ship. They care about every single detail to make their products the best. 

Speaking of niche, we asked NITTO to make this one too. “Campee Bolt” (aka Daruma bolt), comes with NITTO’s racks. The bolt is basically like a joint, you can put stays from rack with this bolt.

M-1B, their best seller front rack for instance comes with the bolts but this time NITTO made a long version of them. Now you can clamp other parts between the bolt and washer so that you can install front lights even easier than before.

It used to be using Lamp holder-6 and then plate to install the light but now you can directly mount the light to the bolt.

Thankfully, NITTO’s racks come with some bent stays to install the rack on whatever types of bike you have as I said before but the stays end up not to be used occasionally.

If there are some stays in your tool box, they might shine on your bike with the new bolts!  I haven’t come up with any idea apart from to install light but I want show off with a next-level idea. Let me know if you come up with a great idea, we are waiting for a genius. 

It might be easy to tell what’s the use of next one.

It is a light mount too. This light mount is inspired by the one blazed on classic touring bike’s racks but this one has got holes for screw on both ends so you can easily install on your rack. It used to be a difficult work for home mechanics since it’s bending and cutting stays required but,

The Lamp Holder-7 is “There you go” convenient. It’s simply a fine product makes your custom much easier.

Here comes the last one and it’s getting even more niche!! I’m excited. Normally, rack-stays for M-1 type racks are bent to avoid intercepting the brake components as the photo upon shows but sometimes it makes a big ugly gap between tire and rack. 

To improve it, we asked them to one can make the distance nicely closer, can you tell that?

NITTO’s craftsman ship makes us happy to have their products not only handlebars, stems or racks but also niche small parts. I’m so proud of them as a Japanese bike mechanic.

That’s a wrap for today, see you again!