Hi, it’s Tani from Kamiuma store, let me talk about a bike part today.

The part is I was longing for last year, the freshly stocked hub. *RIVENDELL* A. homer hilsen (51)
*ONYX* Vesper Road hub

ONYX is a high end hub maker made in USA. We have seen them in Japan more often than before. The features of their hubs are

・No ratchet noise = very low resistance when wheel spins

・Very high response free body = rear wheel accelerate immediately

Simply extraordinary.

Here at Blue Lug,
*RITCHEY* road logic (51) Digital from Hatagaya store uses it for his own bike. The technology attracts mechanics and you can feel the high performance from your feet.
Apparently, BMX is their root but recently their hubs are used for roads and gravels more.

That said, this time we stocked something special because it’s “135mm width for rim brakes” version. Therefore it can be installed on Rivendells. This model wasn’t available in Japan but we asked ONYX to make a small batch of them. *RIVENDELL* platypus (50) “135mm width for Rim brakes” is not a standard for mainstream bikes but ONYX still makes it.

There are so many disc brakes and thru axles in the world but for Long Haul Tracker, Old MTB and Rivendell, Blue Lug still needs this standard.

Previously, the very few choices when we need a special hub for that kind of bikes are,

Converting PHILWOOD‘s road hub to 135mm or WHITE INDUSTRIE’S MI5.

Here comes ONYX, the third force.
Here they come with the eerie silence…

Please remember them as an ultimate hub for Rivendell. I’m in awe of the shape inspires me old crazy CNC aluminium maker.

Since it was my request, I tried it with my own bike. (I couldn’t ignore my curiosity)

I installed it to my A.HOMER HILSEN and it was shocking how it ran. It was just like sliding on the ground. It’s amazing.*RIVENDELL* A. homer hilsen (51) The double impressive feeling, “Oh, it really accelerate immediately!” and “It really has no noise!” when I pedal.
In my opinion, while other brands hubs give me the hard feeling when the ratchets are hooked each other, ONYX hubs don’t. I felt as if I was riding a belt drive bike.

Does it sound too epic if I say “my feet’s nerves and the rear wheel are connected”? I like the feeling anyway.
*RIVENDELL* joe appaloosa (54)(A customer installed it on his APPALOOSA)*RIVENDELL* joe appaloosa (54)
(It’s perfect)

To be honest, I had been thinking that “ONYX is for high-tech/speed bikes” but suddenly Rivendell started to sell them.

Also Grant often writes on his Blahg that

“Have you noticed that hubs are getting noisier past ten years? I’m talking about rear hubs. I wish there will be “Anti-loud hubs movement” and no one will make them anymore”

his humor made me laugh and made me think that “Ah, Grant-san likes quiet hubs”.

As other Blue Lug staff (or you), I had been thinking that “I like loud hubs” until today but/because of that I got interested in Grant’s “Hubs should be silent” way of thinking and I wanted to try ONYX’s ultimate silent hubs.  

Here is Antonio from Rivendell using an ONYX for his Sam, this encouraged me to use it too.

135mm width non disc hub is simply an endangered specie but let me say again that it’s an important standard for us, Rivendell and you who is reading this blog. We still need it and won’t let them gone! I’d be happy if you agree with me.

How about this super high tech silence and super low tech standard hub for your Rivendell, Long Haul Tracker and Old MTB.

It was about the hub I highly recommend.