“Analog Cycles” is the cultic bike shop in Vermont, US and they have a bike brand “Tangle Foot” and bag brand “Fifth Season”.

This time we could make some BLUE LUG × Fifth Season collaborated bags. By the way, “Fifth Season” is a word to tease the chaotic situation messed up with melted snow and mud in the time from end of winter to beginning of spring. Apparently, Vermont where Analog Cycles locates is one of the places has fifth season so that bike bags are essential there, I guess.Ok, let me introduce the collaborated products. I had already decided that their “BLIZZARD SACK” and “SQUALL SACK” should be the first products of the collaboration.


Let me tell you the features of the bags first.The bags are made to fit in WALD’s baskets same as SACKVILLE or DARK REALM’s bags.

The collaborate bags this time fits in WALD 137 baskets.Detachable buckle to open the bag.You can hold the bag onto the basket with the snap buttons. Its structure is quite simple but you don’t need bungee cords or cargo nets to hold.When the bag is not inside basket, you can use the separated sold shoulder cord or just grab it by hands.

The multi purpose bag can be a tote, shoulder and basket bag for your daily life as it fits you the best.


This time I honored to choose the color scheme.


The BLIZZARD BAG is made of blanket-like wool and waxed canvas.

Well, there is not much to explain, I just chose my favorite colors and patterns.

Allow me that there are lots of navy blue-ish colors but aren’t they look great?It’s totally opposite from the trendy bags feature functional beauty but most important thing of the bag is it’s just a bag blends fine with your daily belongings.  I’m kinda seriously imaging the bag will be torn out and sold at vintage store in 20 years, wouldn’t it be great? 


The SQUALL SACK has got the same shape as the BLIZZARD SACK but this one has got waxed canvas fabric both for top and bottom. Blue Lug has sold them before but this time we ordered them with exclusive color schemes.They don’t have single-colored ones actually so we asked them to make black ones and white ones. Yes, I love subtle colors.  It would be great to sew something nice or draw scribbles like memorial jacket on the white one.

Black one is tempting too…

The bag fits fine in WALD139, the bigger basket on my CROSS CHECK.

I recommend their basket bags for those who are thinking “What’s next?” after getting a bike basket.

See you later.