Nice to see you, or it’s been a while? It’s Wentz.

I used to work at Kamiuma shop until the end of 2022 and I came back here after the long trip in Argentina last year.Currently I’m working at our online store, FAIRWEATHER production and helping Kamiuma shop on Sundays. I’m looking forward to see you sometime!

To be honest, it was really hard for me to decide to come back to Blue Lug after the great farewell a lot of people gave to me. I thought it could be too arrogant. That said, my love for bikes and Blue Lug is too strong to ignore so that I talked to my boss about my feeling and decided to come back. Since coming back from the trip, I have a lot to write about so please have a look my posts sometimes.

Some of you might think that “Who are you?” so this time let me write about myself and my days in Argentina.

I started to ride road bikes in my school days and used to race on them or mountain bikes. After those days I really got attracted to track bikes because I was tired of competitive mind. It was in 2015 when there was the MASH Premiere, they are still my hero, and I got to know Blue Lug around then as well. The turning point is around when I started to work at Blue Lug. One day, Tani built his Fat Chance with “Everyday bike” style and I got into that kind of bikes.

Tani's *FAT CHANCE* wicked complete bike

I started to ride a lot bikes like Surly, Rivendell, Crust and handmade bikes. Seeing Tani’s Fat Chance was like an explosion and that was definitely the turning point for me. Now I seriously love bicycles as a concept no matter what type they are. I like customizing and maintaining bikes but most importantly I like riding bikes, as the passion has escalated I went to South America with my bike.

I was planning to stay there for a year but it ended up 8 months. Honestly it was too hard. The ultimate goal of the trip was visiting the mountain called Fitzroy in Patagonia near the border of Argentina and Chile. Apart from that, I just made up a bike trip without any plan in the Latin country loves beef, mate tea and siesta.This is the bike I went with and all the belongings I brought to live are packed on the bike because I decided so. (I wanted to bring my Nintendo though)

The bike is a LOW BICYCLES, handmade in San Francisco I ordered before. I chose this one because I hadn’t been able to ride it much before the trip. Bike packing style like this is quite popular nowadays and after the trip I’m confident that I can give you some advices. Please contact me if you would like to know something about it. (Although since I had enough with this style, I want a pannier bag and a bike suits the bag)

Let me write about the trip more next time but I’m happy that I came back in Japan anyway.




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Muchas Gracias, Hasta pronto.