Hi, it’s Tani from Kamiuma shop.

My belated new year’s resolutions are to losing some weight and writing more blogs because I couldn’t write much last year.

I’d like to write about customer’s bikes I built and customs I did for my bikes. To think what I used to do before I joined Blue Lug, while it was fun to see “what’s new”  but what I liked the best were bikes themselves and parts.

Oh, I talked too much about myself. Anyway, let me write about this bike today. *RIVENDELL* roadini (50)
*RIVENDELL* Roadini (50)

This is a Kamiuma’s demo bike. The theme of the bike is “If I built it for myself”. Why? Because I want a Roadini.*RIVENDELL* roadini (50) Size 50 for saddle height 68 – 73cm and I built it for someone 169 – 174cm height. *RIVENDELL* roadini (50)

You will get a chance to use the Noodle bar on Roadini same as A.Homer Hilsen since they got shorter top tube length. The Noodle bar is the most beautiful drop handle designed by Rivendell. Currently the handlebars are sold out but will be restocked sometime soon with a small but great update!

You might tell easier the relation of saddle angle and handle height from this angle.*RIVENDELL* roadini (50) It’s not set up for “leaning forward for high speed”. Rivendell suggests using short stem for drop handles to reach levers as you just put your hands down so I built it as a bike you can ride casually on your day off.

In terms of budget, we usually use SHIMANO’s hubs for demo bikes but I used Phil’s hubs this time. *RIVENDELL* roadini (50) Because I want you to feel the feature of the fastest Rivendell when you test ride.
*RIVENDELL* roadini (50) Some of you might say “Oh, the classic!” for the rim.
*RIVENDELL* roadini (50) It’s Salsa’s Delgado. I used this discontinued rims because I fond them from our stock room. I like SALSA’s graphics back then, the pepper logo is cute…
*RIVENDELL* roadini (50) I minimized the bike as much as possible while the frame can install some racks. You can just wear a messenger bag when you are on this bike.

Team pro for the saddle but not classic B17. Of course B17 gives you great fit on back leaning Rivendell but I just wanted something different for this style bike.*RIVENDELL* roadini (50) I like multi geared front. I usually use inexpensive 8 or 9 speeds but 10 speed this time just because we had it stocked. With “a bit of black” splinkled.

*RIVENDELL* roadini (50)

Routing shift wires out is a thing I copied Grant and because of this style, you can change handle bars easily. I put several brand’s red bar tapes randomly and shellac varnished them. You can enjoy the color fades like vintage hoodies.


I read “Use 40mm tires for A.Homer Hilsen and go Roadini if you prefer skinnier tires” on Rivendell’s website.*RIVENDELL* roadini (50) It’s been a while to use Jack Brown tires features 33.33333mm thickness. You don’t need to follow what they suggest but I wanted to try!

Most of Rivendell bikes have bike stand plate but Roadini doesn’t. Ultimately you can put a stand and basket on Roadini with a bit of arrangement but this time I wanted to follow the features of the frame to make the difference from Homer clear. *RIVENDELL* roadini (50)

Roadini is not “Super light!” but runs very smooth and you might be surprised if you think “Aren’t Rivendell bikes are heavy?”. It might be cool to install a rear rack and put a pannier one side as well.

P.S. While I was writing this blog, dreaming of my Roadini to ride,

 Ultra Romance posted his one with some updates, mhh it’s so cool.


“ROADINI”, the speedy Rivendell is stocked a few on our online shop too. Please consider it as your next bike.