The classic fabric we have been using for our bags is Cordura®️ 1000 denir nylon but the padding series, our exclusive fabric features tough nylon outer and pad inside is getting more popular these days. This time the padding series comes with 2 Cordura®️ checks and 2 nylon twills for 3 standard bags.


The combination of the cute subtle micro check and the tough Cordura nylon is simply amazing. The matte cotton-like texture is great as well.

Anyway, most importantly, this nylon twill padding is what I had been wanting to use. Thick and smooth texture reminds me of this. Actually, this high-durability and less scratch-visible texture is the best one for bags. We sandwiched them with the inner pad to make the bag even tougher, high-shape retension and protection.

Frankly, there are only good things about this texture apart from its weight and cost and I think the people who invented the texture and came up with the idea to use it for bags are genius. Anyway, we use this for the entire bag, shoulder, inner pockets and such.

Olive and grey for each bag’s inside to find things easily, also don’t you feel happy to see an inner with some good color when you see it, like Philwood’s BB and mud guard? I have been thinking that it’s important to have something only you know to enjoy for your mental. Yes, the world of inner is deep.

137 TOTE

Texture is important for simple tote bags. Just grab it from your basket, wear it casually and it looks great.   


Best choice for a day with just small stuff to bring. The drawstring makes the padding texture even more cute, doesn’t it?

You can tie the string shorter to handle it with your hand.

Anyway, all the bags and the colors are strongly recommended. Please grab one for yourself.