In reality, I was just kind of jealous.

Last year, my teammate Natsumi and Aro designed the online exclusive Day Pack. They seem to have had a really fun time picking out the materials and what not. I was super envious of going through a process of planning and releasing a product.

I was watching them thinking “But I wanna design something too🥺”.

It was always my dream to design a product for a company/brand I worked for, since I had watched and had been in the skate industry since I was 18 years old.

Like Chris Milic or Louie Lopez designing their own promodel shoes

or Oski from Polar designing his own Dunk SBs

There’s a lot of ways to show your personality in the skate industry, besides just doing tricks and filming video parts, but those are things that pros can do and I am very far from a pro skater.

Skating is just one of an activity I like to do in my spare time, so I know I wasn’t gonna design anything for skate brands.

When I head that there was a possible chance that I could design something for this cool bike shop I work at, I was all in.

“Max-san!” (Max is the head of the bag designers)

I walked into the sewing room aggressively. Max slowly turns his head, so I said to him

“Let me do it too!”

“What?” he replies

“The Day Pack!” I reply before he can ask further questions.

“Uh, OK…?”

And so, it was on.

Out came this Tree camo backpack. I really like how this one came out. It’s got orange stitching and two strips of reflectors on t he center. See this post for more.

My dream of designing a signature product came true, it came out great and we’re nearly sold out, so I was super stoked and satisfied, but what if I told you there was more?

The Day Pack Colonel Edition pt.2! (shoutout to Isaac from Peace Sports for lending me his egg shape board)

You think I’m enjoying this too much? Well, I can agree.

But hear me out.

These two designs were actually born in the process of making the tree camo ones. Max and I thought we should also make a more subtle design and this is what I came up with.

I wanted to keep it simple, so I chose a solid color with no contrast stitching.

I don’t mind wearing a camo bag with a check pattern shirt and looking like a fabric material sample these days, but it would be great if I can avoid that. Simplicity is key.

I went with two strips of reflectors for the tree camo, so I went with a single fat reflector this time.

If you know, you know.

Looks a bit different when I compare but, it’s all good.

The features of the bag itself isn’t any different than the regular day packs.

The huge reflector is a major element of this bag, but these zipper pulls are a bit different. The regular day packs have suede leather zipper pulls, but this one has nylon zipper pulls, to give the bag more of an outdoor gear vibes,

But if you like the suede better, you can get them from the link. Blue with brown suede would look nice for sure.

I’m not gonna go into the details of The Day Pack since it’s bag that we made for a very long time, but to give you an idea of what type of stuff you can fit in this bag…

12 rolls of TP. No problem.

80% of the Blue Lug staffs own The Day Pack. It’s not designed for riding at all and it’s just a super simple backpack, but it’s got a huge opening and can fit so many stuff, so I really like it, especially when it’s my favorite color.

Shoutout to Samba, the mech staff at the Hatagaya store for buying the bag!

Two of the bags are now online and will only be available online!

(↑…Anyone know this scene?)


– Colonel