Do you use any kind of straps for bikes?

I alway come across a situation where I need something to hold my bag in the basket, so there is never a day I don’t carry some kind of a strap.

Today I wanted to write about the Cargo Nets, which are possibly our most popular basket accessory.

The cargo net can cover the stuff you are carrying, so there are no worries of the stuff falling off the basket.

As you can see, the cargo net has two hooks and two carabiners.

Hooking the carabiners to the basket and hooking the hooks on the handlebars is a great way to fix the load.

Do you want to carry plants? No problem!

You can also use the nets with your bags like so, to hold bulky stuff.

These cute cargo nets are hand knitted by fine Japanese craftsmen.

We have a total of nine colors now. I hope you have fun picking out your favorite!

We have the 2 color ones and the single color ones if you are more into simple things.

Cargo nets are often seem on Rivendell bikes, but I think they look good on any bike.

We also have the X-strap, flat bungee, voile straps and he AUSTERE MANUFACTURING straps as the other options.

I hope you can find the right one for the right purpose!