Always they are one step ahead, and always surprising us.
When they came out year 2006? 2007? fixed riders around the world shocked how they ride.
Since they came out, we’ve been admire them, and we wanted to be part of that movement.

Now, we are living year 2020, and we are keep having some kind of longing and respect since they came out.

We just got some their fresh items.Here is Tommy’s (Bluelug Yoyogi-park store Mechanic) MASH AC-1.
You could tell how much he love fixed gear bike, and the movement.*MASH* AC-1 (M)*MASH* AC-1 (M)*MASH* AC-1 (M)*MASH* AC-1 (M)*MASH* AC-1 (M)*MASH* AC-1 (M)*MASH* AC-1 (M)In Tokyo, still middle of government emergency call, but I guess we almost there.
Once we could go out side freely, I’d like to ride fixed gear bike like this, and just clear my mind and just push pedals. Here is their latest footage.

Aaron, Chas and Sean on Myers Grade from MASH TRANSIT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.