Yes, Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe said. One of his famous quotation.

I think head-set spacers are not fancy item like handle bar or wheels.
But if you think about the details, you might contemplate choice of the small details such as head-set spacers.*SURLY* cross-check (56)*SURLY* low side size(m)*SURLY* steamroller (56*LOW BICYCLES* mkiii gravel

Different materials, height, thickness, brands, and color… Definitely matching thickness of the stem and the spacer is one great example.

Brass is always attract to us, and it is a thing that enjoy aging like a leather. (Maybe like a Brooks leather saddle?)

*SURLY* pack rat (50)*SURLY* cross-check (50)*SURLY* cross-check (42)*SURLY* long haul trucker ()

Tapered spacer
*SURLY* cross-check (46)*CRUST BIKES* lightning bolt (XS)*INDEPENDENT FABRICATION* club racer (43)*SURLY* pack rat (52)

Here is the great example of using color.*AFFINITY CYCLES* lo pro (M)*CRUST BIKES* romanceur (52)*SURLY* disc trucker (56)
Also we have 1″spacers, nice to dress up / make a difference from others.
*CRUST BIKES*canti brake lightning bolt (M)*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)*CRUST BIKES* canti brake lightning bolt (M)*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (46)

Hope these will be your tips for head-set spacers choices.