Can you do Cat’s cradel? It’s called Ayatori (あやとり) in Japanese, the traditional hand games.

This trick is called “4 step ladder.” This is supposed to be hard to do.

Why do we do this? Because we stocked the hemp twine! I am pretty excited about this.

Our mechanics often use the hemp twine instead of electrical tape to add to the charm on a handlebar like this.

You might know that Grant from Rivendell wrote about this thing in his book, “Just Ride”. (The photo is the Japanese version, by the way.)

And after the turn of the year, I changed a handlebar tape and use this hemp twine for myself.

First, cut the twine like 10 cm long.

Just like a normal finishing tape, wrap on the handlebar tape.

Depending on your preferences though, wrap 5 or 6 times, and then take the end of that “reserved” and make a loop.

Next, wrap around both sides of the loop.

Once your twine has reached it’s desired width, take the end of the twine and thread it through the loop.

Then pull the end of the “reserve” piece slowly around the end of the twine.

This is the most fun part.
Pull slowly.

Cut the remainder of the twine.

That’s it. It is not too hard.

Additionally, applying shellac on the bar twine is a good idea. It makes the twine stronger and look great.

Mark from Rivendell made an excellent tutorial video. (Actually, he designed our M-1 front rack.) You should watch it if you want to try.

Please check out our original acrylic cloth bar tapes as well! Those are stronger than cotton cloth.