Fanny Packs…are they any good? What are your first impressions about them? Is it too dad-ish? Is it lame?
Our staff member Wentz, has been a hardcore fanny pack user since we known him.

“I really don’t like putting a lot of  bags on my bike and I don’t carry that many stuff to carry a back pack. Hip bags are the perfect size for a bag for using daily. Plus, they’re kinda cute how it has the grandpa vibes.”  Says Wentz.

As you can tell, he’s a huge fan of fanny packs/hip bags. We would often see him using the hip bags from the MASH x Jandd collab or the hip bag from Swift Industries during rides, so we made our own.

*Wentz himself holding the Fairweather Hip Packs.

We made two colors of these bags. Coyote and olive and they’re made of Ballistic nylon fabric.
Ballistic nylon is a stiff fabric so these bags are durable and they keep their shape even though they’re one piece taiored.

We also new that there are a lot of bags from other companies that could work as both bike bags and fanny packs, so we focused on creating a “pure hip bags”.

Like I said, there’s plenty of bike bags in the market and Im pretty sure everybody already has cool bike bags that has a lot of gimmicks, so we tried to make the most simple fanny pack to stuff snacks and a bike carry bag.

We put some long pull strings on the fastener so that the users can easily unzip the zippers in order to have easier access to their belongings when needed while riding.

They are just a plain simple fanny pack. That’s what we were aiming for. However, there’s a tiny bit of a unique feature.

We added a couple of cords on the sides for holding stuff that couldn’t make it into the bag itself. Gloves, towels, rain jacket and bananas. The cords actually work quite fine! Wentz has tested the bag in multiple rides and guess what? He approves!

Now that it’s summer and back packs are a pain to have on rides, why don’t ya try these hip bags out?