Chatting is the best resource of the ideas for new products, especially for Blue Lug.

Actually a lot of products have come up with chit chat like “don’t you think it would be good if there are something like that?” at our weekly meeting.

I’m thinking about bicycles every moment of 24/365 as a bike mania and there are few small things I personally want. (well I’m happy with the current products in terms of big stuff so most of the things I come up with an idea are small stuff)

Usually it doesn’t come true even if you have full ideas but Blue Lug can make it true.The new comer this time is hiding in this photo. This is something you must’ve wondered “it would be great, but why there is no such thing?” if you are a track bike rider. Let’s get closer this time. Can you recognise it?Now it’s easy to tell. This is “Spin-2” by MKS, the small part to make it easy to step inside pedal strap, aka “kekaeshi” in Japanese.

Previously there was only silver one but this time we asked MKS (Mikashima) to make the black one because the silver one doesn’t really match with black pedals. That’s a very small detail but I assume there are lot of you thinking the same, aren’t there?

We asked MKS to make the Gold ones, because why not? It’s cool to install a non-track bike like this Tani’s Frank Jones Sr. as well.

Tani has been using MT-LITE × Clip-less strap since his track bike era, so this MT-LITE × HOLDFAST combination makes me emotional.

Actually we even asked MKS to make the purple one since we asked them to make anodized ones. It must be cool to use this for OLD MTBs with other anodized parts installed.This is how the Spin-2 looks when it’s installed up-side-down. I have never done it but I see some bikes out there. Maybe I should try sometime, apparently it’s useful to flip the pedal by foot.

Let me tell you something you will say “yeah it happens” about the clip.

“I get emotional when I’m fixing the bent clip by hitting somewhere”.

Let’s let the emotion revive. The “Kekaeshi” with new colours are for you, have had it or never have it before.