I ride this Rivendell Clem Smith Jr. for my chore. As I have 2 kids, picking them up and dropping them off is an important job in my family. I changed some parts and settings the other day. Let me show you my new setup.

This is the current setup.

First, I changed the handlbar. This one is the original handlebar that came with the complete Clem Smith Jr. It is similar to the Nitto b602F bosco bar. This has big high up-rise and back sweep position.

The biggest modification is that I installed the Nitto Rivendell big back rack with a child seat.

The maximum load weight is about 20kg. Technically it doesn’t support my kids weight. Therefore I used the Surly Rack Rear Upper Kit for reinforcement. Nitto is a trusted company and they do a lot of durability performance testing, though.

The Clem Smith Jr has 3 rear rack mounts. I used all of them.

I feel very satisfied with the result. I hope my wife and kids love this bike.


There is another dad bike I want to show you.

*ALL-CIYT* space horse (55)ALL CITY space horse. How about that! So rad!

The owner already has a track bike but it needed something like he can ride his kid to and from kindergarden, so we build this bike up.
*ALL-CIYT* space horse (55)

*ALL-CIYT* space horse (55)
The stem is the Nitto V-4. This one is really new. The two clamps eliminate any chance of slipping in addition to offering added stiffness. Even though there is a limitation for fitting stems.
*ALL-CIYT* space horse (55)

*ALL-CIYT* space horse (55)The hubs are Phil Wood. The free cog is White Industries. They both last very long.

*ALL-CIYT* space horse (55)

*ALL-CIYT* space horse (55)The brakes are Paul Components.

*ALL-CIYT* space horse (55)The saddle is the BROOKS cambium C17.

*ALL-CIYT* space horse (55)The Surly Nice Racks are installed on the front and rear.

*ALL-CIYT* space horse (55)

*ALL-CIYT* space horse (55) I love how it Looks. All-City Space Horse literally can do it all.

Please come to our shop and let us know if you want to look for cool Dad bikes!