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We are going to invite Mr. Yoshikawa, who is the president of Nitto and Mr. Hagino, who is the president of MKS pedal to have a talk-show event in Blue Lug Kamiuma on February 12, the national foundation day. Come and join us! It’s free!

Anyhow let me talk about some Nitto parts we designed. Nitto made the Fairweather cable hangers exclusively for us. The outer diameter is the same size as Nitto chromoly steel spacers so it provides a slick appiarance yet high durablity.

The different size, 22.2mm inner diameter is also available. This fits 1inch threded / quill stems.

This is a perfect match to Rivdendell’s bikes and Keirin bikes with center pull or canti brakes like the Paul Racer Brakes.

It would also help if your old mountain bike doesn’t have enough a column space but you still want to install canti brakes. The simple style should match to your old school bikes too. The cable hanger has an adjuster. We really believe someone needs this.

We are always fascinated with Nitto’s craftsmanship. Who else can make these beautiful parts?
If you will be in Tokyo, please visit Blue Lug Kamiuma on February 12th. It starts at 11! Let’s hang out and talk about Nitto!