Finally, the first Beachcomber built by Blue Lug is done.

Issue has built it. Its solid style is really cool.









And let me share that Matias Stridsland has built a bike for his wife and it’s too nice.

With a basket, it’s great for adventure and child-rearing.

I guess the handlebar is a prototype. Since I can see he’s always trying some prototypes, it’s really fun to see his Instagram every day.

So, I’m going to introduce new items from Stridsland🇩🇰.


Just the day before I upload this blog, chainrings, handlebar shim and stickers came back in stock!

*OMNIUM* mini-max v3

All options are now available for the chainring.

*MASH*steel (S)

The handlebar shim which Matsu, the store manager of BLUE LUG YOYOGI PARK uses for his MASH STEEL.

White, black and 3 other flashy colors stickers are now in stock.

You should act before it’s too late!

Let’s get back to the main theme.





BLUE LUG bike shop(@bluelug)がシェアした投稿

I guess you may have already noticed it through our online store and Instagram, but I’m gonna introduce them to you again.

This is my Florida Man before installing them.


Pay attention to the crank! You can see two different fun colors on it.

These are the first items to introduce you.

Chainring Bolt

Crank Bolt

You’d be amazed at the number of colors.

Aluminum chainring bolts and crank caps anodized in vivid colors.

8 colors for chainring bolts, and 14 colors for crank caps including the color of the bolt.

We’ve got a section for them, so please check ‘em out!

And this is how to install…

Firstly, choose your favorite color for you crankset.

You can use them as a color accent, so it’s great to match other color parts on your bikes, or just pick whichever you feel like.

This time, I’m gonna install them into Blue Lug original RMC Track crank.

For installing, you’ll need 5mm hex wrench for chainring bolts , and pin spanner for crank caps.

Since they’re making chainrings for front-single, these are only for Single (you can’t use them for Double.).

By the way, Blue Lug original cranks are all compatible with these bolts and caps.

RMC Track for Track bikes, XMC for Mountain bikes, RMC Multi II for various kinds of bikes and the brand new YMC.

As you can see, the chainring bolts are installed like this and crank caps can be installed if your crank is square-taper.

If you can’t figure out how to install, please feel free to ask us at our shops.





The next one is…
ti m5 bolt

These are M5 & M8 bolts made of titanium, not aluminum.

Its anodized colors have deep transparent looking. Can you feel it?
It’s not just like blue, green and purple, it can be seen in different colors in the different angles.
M5 bolts are for the eyelets of bottle cages.

12 of M5 bolts in a pack, so it’s perfect for the latest bikes with a lot of eyelets.

The one in the picture above is Blue.

Please note that you’ll need Torx wrenches to install, not hex wrenches.

4 of M8 bolts in a pack and they’re gonna be used here, the rocker dropout. The picture above is still Evasion.

We have some bikes which comes with rocker dropouts, but only Crust Bikes Evasion and Stridsland Beachcomber are compatible with these M8 bolts so far (The bolts ain’t long enough for Neutrino.) .

By the way, both of Evasion and Beachcomber have the same rocker dropouts from the same company (Paragon Machine Works).

If you feel it’s a bit difficult to install, I suppose that’s totally true. It’s a little tough.

However, I feel it’s really cool when I see the bikes with such a small color parts.

If you own bikes which is compatible with it, please try it.









And the last one!

Top caps. These are also made of titanium and color anodized.

Bolts are made of titanium and anodized as well. And 7 colors.
Stridsland’s motto, “Ride slow, die whenever” is engraved on.

They fit Paul Boxcar stem really well and I like this picture.

My favorite is Blue stem with Black cap/Gold bolt.

I’ve seen few titanium top caps before and it’s amazing that they use costly titanium here.

Titanium parts have unique deep glossiness different from aluminum and stainless, and can add elegance to your bikes.





If you can’t decide since there’re too many colors, please feel free to come and check ‘em out in person!

Every single part and color I introduced is now available at our shops.

And also you can ask our staffs the recommendations✌️

How about ‘em not only for the new build but also one of the dress-up options for your bikes?

See you soon!