JR. RANGER PANNIER “LITE”, Japanese special edition of the original masterpiece which is already discontinued has just arrived from “SWIFT INDUSTRIES”, the bicycle bag company base in Seattle, USA.

Pannier, the item used to be one of the signature products of “SWIFT INDUSTRIES”.

It has been discontinued since last year because of the development of the bike-packing bag which can be used without a carrier or rack such as a frame bag and seat bag, and the Ultra Light movement that makes outdoor gear gets smaller and lighter.

However, it’s obviously true that pannier is roomy enough so that you don’t need to buy a lot of bags, and it’s highly stable since you can put it on the lower point of your bike.

Then we ordered it as Japanese special edition with some improvements, and this is JR. RANGER PANIER “LITE”.


The original JR. RANGER PANNIER “SET” was not symmetrically designed and sold as pair of left and right, but we ordered JR. RANGER PANNIER “LITE” without side pockets and sell individually.

This makes that you don’t have to buy them as a pair, it’s getting much easier to use it for daily life and you can add if you get interested in bike-packing.

And we added D rings on the back panel for attaching shoulder strap V2 (sold separately), it’s easier to carry when you take it off from your bike.

The volume is 10 liters and that’s relatively small as a pannier.

But if your camping gear are current smaller and lighter ones, you can get enough room for bike-packing gear with this pannier and handlebar/saddle bag such as ZEITGEIST PACK.

(If it’s in the warmer seasons and your gear are cut down to the certain extent, you might be able to go camping with only this pannier.)

“NITTO” S-RACK and “TUBUS” TARA are recommended if you’re gonna go camping with tons of stuffs.

Or if you’re gonna use it for daily life, installing 32R or 33R on the rear is also great since it’s much less stressful on your body and you don’t have to carry bags.

Although it’s quite pricy when purchased as a pair, they are often less pricy in total rather than buying bunch of small bags and you don’t have to worry about where to pack your stuffs, so this is the recommended setup for those who are just starting out bike-packing.

For SWIFT CAMPOUT coming up on the next weekends and summer vacations, more and more people seem to be looking for bike bags, so we hope you’ll take note of “the advantages of pannier” as well.

Oh, by the way, cute patches are also available right now, so we hope you’ll enjoy it on your bags!