PC Sleeves are now in stock.

For this batch, I chose completely different fabrics from the last batch. 3 bright single colors and 3 mini gingham check materials.

I was surprised by how much people in the Blue Lug team bought these covers. But everybody kept on mixing up their laptops with each other.

The sizes for this product is based on Macbook  standards. 13-14 inch and 16 inch.

There is enough space to fit the charger so I recommend using is it as a place to store the charger as well

They have a plastic button on the top so that the laptop does not slip out.

Like the last batch, I made these with many stitching patterns. It’s funny how the style of the stitching can change the overall looks of the PC sleeve.

One other thing I’d like to point out is the color of the threads. If you look closely, all the colors for each of the product is different.

If you are carrying your laptop in a back pack, this can work as a cover and also a nice cushion to avoid the edges striking your back.

You can also use this as a ice pillows or just a bag to store small things.

Things that you don’t really need tends to take a back seat in terms of priorities, but updating the things we use every day makes us feel little better. Don’t you think?

Now available online and in stores.