About 8 hours of flight, We got to Sacramento.

At the airport, we rent a huge truck.

No, just kidding. We actually rend Nissan. We came herer for NAHBS (The North American Handmade Bicycle Show)!



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????NAHBS PICS from TANI???? . . NAHBSあるある。 . それは本丸たるショーバイクではなく、会場外に停められたオーディエンスバイク。 . そこにフィクションはないし、すべてがリアル。 . サクラメントに到着した一行がまず向かったのは、バイクパーキング。 . 作り込まれた作品よりも、使い込まれた道具。 . 僕らは必ずバイクパーキングに向かう。 . そして毎回かならず警備員さんに怒られる…(^^;) . そりゃそうですね、不審ですね… . でもほんとに最高。 . これ見ただけで来た甲斐ある。 . さあ帰ろう。 . いかん、いかん。 . 旅はこれから。 . NAHBSの真髄はこれから。 . さあみなさんお楽しみにー☺️

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From the airport, we went straight to the NAHBS location even though the event was over that day. (We are going to the event tomorrow, though.)

Outside the venue, many bike lovers were still there and hanging out. We just took photos of them. Let’s do bike checks!

This guy rode very nice MASH AC-1


Found our Nitto for shred bar here!



He rode the nicest A. Homer Hilsen. He said he has 5 Rivendell bikes.


We’ve seen many Surly Bikes. Seems like Straggler was the most popular Surly there.


He got the Swift Industries Ozetta.


Matt from Pass & Stow! He painted the rack himself.

So many cool Rivendell bikes.


From the long flight, we were very tired and when we got to an Airbnb room, Tani crashed.

We are going to the actual event tomorrow. I am exhausted but cannot wait. Please say hi if you see around!