Blue Lug Yoyogi Park is our third store, located in Shibuya Tokyo.

Hatagaya is also in the Shibuya ward, but it’s more on the quiet side, with a few fancy coffee shops and old buildings that has probably never been touched since it was built in the 80s.

The Yoyogi Park store on the other hand, is in the busier side of Shibuya. People walking in the area are younger and there are dozens of newly build buildings and fashion stores near the Yoyogi Park Store.

You can watch the Shop Tour video of BL Yoyogi Park to get some ideas on what the shop looks like.

The store is operated by…

Matsu, the store manager,

Tommy, the track bike ripper,

Sent, the ex BMXer/CRUST bikes connoisseur,

and Clint, everybody’s little brother.


Now that it’s t-shirt season is here, we made shop tees for BL Yoyogi Park.

Here it is on Tommy.

Here’s Matsu, Tommy and Sent wearing the shirts. Clint was on a vacation to Kyoto at the time we shot these photos so he’s not in these pictures. (Sorry Clint!)

The person behind the design is Aro.

She joined the team about a year ago. Since then, she has been in charge of designing our shirts, packages for our original products and so on.

Here’s the first few sketches of the design by Aro.

Many of the customers who visit BL Yoyogi Park, brings their doggies (which is the best thing ever), so Matsu wanted to incorporate a dog in the design.

Here’s the finished product. On the back of the shirt, you can see the little puppy jumping through Chainring-kun.

Just like the Hatagaya shop tee, the shirt has the actual phone number of the shop and the closed days listed.

Of course, it’s got the house logo on the front with “YOYOGI PARK” under the logo.

We took the font from the degreaser spray can which we always use.

Apparently, it’s the same font as the logo of Stranger Things.

Matsu in the navy/orange color-way

Tommy in the sand/blue.

Sent in the white/tiffany blue color-way.

*BLUE LUG* YOYOGI PARK shop t-shirt 

Now available on the webstore !