A long awaited Rivendell Roadini finally arrived to Japan with all new paint colors!

I’m so glad that I can finally get my hands on this. This is a blog about how I built this new Roadini.


For me, amongst every types of Rivendell bikes, the Roadini seems to be a bike designed with the most clear motivation to give a solution to frustration.

A frustration they feel towards the general road bike scene.


It’s a frame that is definitely on the quick and nimble side on their bike catalog. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be paired with a drop bar, and nothing is wrong about attaching a basket if needed.

Wait, then how is that a road bike? Okay, I get your point. But take it this way, it is “a bike made to run roads”. In that sense, it’s a superb bike.

Not quite a road bike in modern day racing standards, but if it wants a label, this bike is a “road bike”.


This is what I love about Rivendell, how they work through their visions towards each bike.

Like any other Rivendell bikes, it’s got a supple response from the chromoly steel frame, and design to give you a comfortable  upright position. Plenty of tire clearances to support you with a stable ride.

Aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and a tough frame. From concept to detail, this road bike is so Rivendell.

For this year’s arrival, they have delivered us “SERGIO GREEN” and “DARK GOLD”.


I instantly fell in love with the Sergio Green.


For the first time in a while, I got the chance to build a demo bike as a perquisite.

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)

Rivendell/Roadini “SERGIO GREEN” SIZE:54


This is my take of the ultimate Roadini set up.

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)I was first thinking to attach either a drop bar or the Albastache Bar. But after looking through the photos of messenger kids in the 1900s, I was soon charmed by their style.


(Thank you S-san for the info! This page gave me chills!)


Thus, chose a B355 “KITE BAR”.

It’s of course great to attach a dynamic sweep back bar like the Albatross Bar, but having a compact handlebar such as the Kite Bar allows you a fresh and speedy ride experience and that’s also fun!

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)

Unlike most other Riv bikes, the Roadini comes with a built-in down tube shifter mounts, so how am I not gonna use it!?


I fully understand the comfort of having shifters around your handlebars, but there’s a certain beauty to reaching out your hand for your shifting. Let’s make the most out of the good old classic style.

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)

Can fit 42mm tires the widest, 38mm with fenders.

It’s designed to fit 700c wheels for sizes above 50. I chose the cream color Schwalbe Delta Cruiser.

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)

*RIVENDELL* roadini (54)

Zooming out again for a full picture.


I feel like it’s built with a very simple and attractive silhouette.

When I rode it, I enjoyed how it runs as if it floats through the air, compared to my much calmer Samhillborne.

And because of the 700c wheel size, if I start pedaling properly, it’s quick. Before I notice, I’d be riding loads on this bike!


It’s a rare character for a Rivendell, as most of their bikes are tough lads with low center of gravity.


We made a Rivendell chart on YouTube a while ago with Tani-san and Chuyan by the way, if you still haven’t considered a Rivendell, please check it out! I’m sure that we were able to cover what roles each model has.


Talking about myself, I always wanted a Roadini.

The slightly sloping frame, lugless headtube… it tickles my heart. Sergio Green, what a color…




BLUE LUG Kagoshima(@bluelug_kagoshima)がシェアした投稿

This one built by master Aze-san at Kagoshima, just brilliant.



Okay bye for now!

With my favorite photo in the end.