This is my worn out Zo Bag.

I got this legendary bag from a friend of mine. I take this bag to work and I go on trips with this bag too.

My job before Blue Lug was bike messengering. I have never forgot or tried to let go of these messenger bags ever since I got the job as a bike messenger. I have a weird connection that I cannot let go forever.

I often get asked how to properly carry these bags on your back by customers, and I end up giving way too many information to them.A while back, I had to carry a heavy ass load for a camp trip.
“What the hell is this bag, my shoulders are sore af…” I naturally said to myself.

I realized I was complaining about the bag I loved. Then I thought to my self, “Why do I even use messenger bags?” I mean, I could be carrying a hiking backpack rather than this one strapped bag. The weight of the load won’t focus on one shoulder, I wouldn’t have to worry about the sauce leaking from the lunch I bought at the convenient store, or I wouldn’t have to get annoyed by the bag coming down towards my sides when I’m pedaling.

I got kinda sad when I realized that other types of bags might suit me better.

However, I remembered the messengering days, and all of the sudden, I couldn’t think about any bad points of messenger bags.

I can take things out from the bag quickly, I can just throw a bunch of crap in it, my stuff won’t get wet,  I hardly feel the weight because I am leaning forward when I’m riding and it becomes a nice pillow.

It’s a bag for packing as many stuff as possible while going fast. And it’s not “just a bag” it’s a bag I used for work back in the day. I was probably getting stressed because I felt like I was working on my day off.

Then I went on a trip down to my own memory lane. Back to that one day I put a messenger bag on my back for the first time.

All the bike messengers in Tokyo looked so rad to me. They had their own bags that they adored and they all looked so special to me.

The bags were a part of their body, and a part of their lives. They were their work tools but they were also their heart. They were their uniforms but also their go-to gear.

Their bags showed each and every one’s life style and character and that’s what made messenger bags look cool.

The more those bags were wornout, the more they looked cool to us. I still get embarrassed when I carry a new shinny bag.
My bag taught people who I was and people’s bags taught me who they were.

Then I finally found the answer to the question, “Why do I even use messenger bags?” It was because it’s a huge part of my life. I can’t think of another choice at this point.

Everything about messenger bags just feels right to me. Even the shoulder pains, even the small motion to bring the bag on top of my back while riding, and even the belt I have to tighten every time before riding.

It’s literally just a bag for some people, but I believe that some people out there could relate to my feeling towards messenger bags. The thrill and the pain is nothing you could experience by using a backpack.

At this point, it’s not even a review, but I do want to point out that we sell our original messenger bags at the shop.
It’s a traditional shape and a traditional size, this is just perfect. The bag feels amazing.