The XC-III pedals, the pedals that have been making some noise since the release. Many OG cyclists out there may know this, but these pedals are the reissue of the XC-II pedals from the late bicycle component manufacturer, Suntour.

I’ve heard that these pedals have unbelievable grip, and I was so curious to try them out but didn’t have the right bike to install it on. Now that I had the chance to build up my own Crust Evasion Lite, it was time to try these bad boys.

I’ve been using these pedals for a few gravel rides and my daily commute, and all I can say is that people weren’t joking about how grippy these things are! It almost feels like you’re wearing SPD shoes…well, that’s a bit exaggerated, but you get the idea.

They’re also great with sneakers, and you could even use pedal straps too. I highly recommend having at least a pair of these pedals.