It’s been 4-5 month since I started using the Grepp bar tapes. The tapes were looking kinda dirty after multiple trail rides and riding in the rain. They’re all faded and starting to develop a weird smell.

For typical bar tapes, I would need to wrap new tapes, but it seems like the Grepp bar tapes can be washed so I decided to give it a shot.

Let’s start from where I unwrapped the tapes.

The Grepp tapes to not have adhesive tape so it was very easy to take them off.

Then, I super glued the edges of the tape, so they don’t get raveled when washing.

After that, I threw it in the washing machine/drier. Everything was intact and smelled fresh!

The bar tape didn’t shrink in the wash so it was easy to re-wrap.

If you wrap them with the faded surface is facing down, you got yourself a new bar tape.

If you guys have the Grepp Handlebar Tapes, you should definitely give it a try!