For us skaters, the best way to carry around skateboards on bikes is a timeless discussion.

After skating for 10 years (?) and cycling for 3 and more years, I think I found the ultimate bag to do so!

 *ILE* porteur rack bag small

If your skateboard deck is more than 8 inch wider, the bag cannot hold the deck when only using the velcro underneath the flap. It opens up when you ride over steps for example
So do use the buckle strap hidden within the flap to secure the deck in place!
On the bottom of the bag, you can find 2 types of buckles, one to fix the bag on the bike rack, and another to connect with the in-flap strap.

Maybe this photo shows it better.

I do love basket style, but I can’t go back to it because of this genius bag.

(Front rack is the NITTO rivendell 52F basket rack by the way.)