In the world of racks (where you place your baskets/panniers), there’s a genre of what’s called “bag supporters”.

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For example, the M-1B front rack from NITTO, a very popular choice amongst our customers to attach baskets to, has its roots in bag supporters.

Although I’m a massive basket lover when it comes to accommodating my stuffs on a bike, for this year’s Swift Campout, I decided to try out a “rear supporter” that I’ve been a bit interested. Would it be that useful? Let’s have a close look!

<<<CARRADICE Bagman>>>

Load capacity of 10kg. We brought a lot of gear in a large bag with us to this camping trip. Bag scratching the tires, bending the fender… Without this rack installed, it would’ve been CHAOS.

I’ll show how I combined with my SWIFT INDUSTRIES’ Zeitgeist.

My first S.I. purchase. After 4 years of use, it’s got some nice level of wear on it.

This version is made to fix the bag to a bike using a leather strap, opposed to Voile straps for the current version. I was starting to feel its difficulty of taking on and off, but using the rack gave me a unexpected solution.

Prepared two cable ties, passed them through each hole,

And ties the plastic parts that came as accessory items.

Cut those ends neatly…

and clip ‘em to the Bagman.

By flicking the lever, I can now take on and off the bag with no effort.

Absolute class this rack was, supporting my camp ride by great stability and simple detachability.

Even in my daily use, now I can always take the bag with me when I park my bike, rather than keeping the bag on the bike or taking ages to loosening the strap each time.

It wasn’t only me who used the rack. Takuma was fitting in ILE’s seat bag as a toolkit pouch in the cleared spaces between the rack and the seatpost. Very clever, got to steal that idea for sure!

For tall-height Kaisei, it seemed like there was just enough space to fit in Zeitgeist’s smaller brother, the Catalyst without the bag supporter, narrowly avoiding this bag touching the wheels.

However, as shown on Kaisei’s photo, using the back loop on the saddle can cause the some bags to stretch and rotate. That can also be solved using a bag supporter. The bag sits on a correct position, and it is strong against shaking whilst riding.

Attaching bags on larger size bikes isn’t so much of a issue since they have so much spaces around the handlebars and seats, but for short-height riders like us, I would say now that a bag supporter is a must-have.

Even if you had enough clearance, having a supporter gives you extra security.

And this rack will give your bike an extra 10kg load cap. Yes you may not be able to carry a 5 x 2l  bottles of water, but I say it’ll be super useful for everyday shopping, or rides with heavy gears like the one we did.

There are two sizes, so make sure to check which size fits you bike!