Sometimes I choose a new bike which none of the colleagues rides it. Since our team is growing bigger, I don’t want to ride a bike others ride too.

You might think that “is that such a big deal?” but I think it’s important to show off which frame you chose and how you built it since we all work hard to build an epic one. Also it’s interesting to see how the bikes are mellowing down and personalized later on.This is the picture of my bike freshly built with the spirit. My height is 174cm and I chose size 54 since I like bigger size. Back then I installed the SOMA porteur rack to give the bike refinement. Vittoria Randonneur for tires, ignoring the manner of Rivendell (which doesn’t seem exist but actually does).

Roadini is a fast one among the line up of Rivendell and I wanted to make it as one but didn’t suit me much in the end.This picture is taken at a Rivendell Ride which is hosted by Tani. I challenged to use the WTB 35C tires while the old geometry had a small tire clearance.

Although it wasn’t stable, it rode unexpectedly smooth since the bike itself was light.

After taking this photo, I fell on the downhill and the rack bent as well as I hurt my knee. The memory is getting vague but the pain still remains vividly.This is the current set up. The details are not so different but just got simpler. I built this with my favorite parts first of all, so I just enjoy the slight changes with the small parts.

Kaneko rent me the old Selle Italia since the Berthoud saddle I used to use got worn out and this swapped saddle is great. Choco Bar to Billie Bar for the handle bars. It fit me well although the bar sweep backs big since the original stem is long.

Overall, it doesn’t look so different from the first set up but the current set up kind of fits me the best. I wonder how my Roadini will be in the future.