Tani designed a shirt so I bought them.

Typical bike mechanic problem right here. Dirty hands.

The sleeves would often annoy me when I’m doing some work, so of course I roll my sleeve up.

Aaaand now I got a nice stain on my ash gray sweatshirt.

You guys know how hard it is to get grease stain off from clothing right?

I wear a lot of gray shirts and I was getting at the point where I’m getting depressed with all the stains.

Now that we have these mechanic shirts, we can avoid those grease stains.

I’m 163cm tall and I bought a large size shirt. That’s a bit bigger than the usual size of what I wear, but I chose this size to wear it over sweat shrits.

The Sleeves are on the longer side, but I roll em’ up and they don’t bother me.