Hello world, it’s me Sub, the YouTube guy.

My camera equipments are like parts of my body. Where ever I go, they go.

This is my set up. I always carry this huge case with the Flat Bungee and our original Cargo Net.

I use two items to secure the case onto the rear rack, because I must protect this giant case at all costs. Why you may ask?

Behold…my beautiful gimbal.

Including the mics and other equipments, the case weighs about 3 kilos. I need to make sure that the case is extra safe so I use two rubber material items to get more of the power rubber creates when its trying to go back to the original form. The more you pull, the more strong it holds.

I load the gimbal to the Nitto 32R rear rack and pull the flat bungee until it becomes approximately 124cm to hold down the gimbal case. This doesn’t completely stop the case from moving however. I would be very anxious with only the bungee strap.

I wouldn’t be so scared if I was carrying fluffy plush doll but we’re talking about a very expensive work tool here.

The cargo net stops the case from shifting left to right, front to back. However, I guarantee the case will fly off with only the cargo net. (Haven’t tried, but going over a curb or a bump doesn’t sound fun with only the cargo net.

I’ve been carrying the gimbal case with the same set up for half a year and I haven’t had any problems so far, I also leave the two on my bike at all times, in the sun and rain.

Here’s what both of the stuff looks like now.

Top : brand new,  bottom : six months of being stretched. As you can see, the length has slightly expanded and it is a little sunburnt in the center.

Now let’s look at the cargo net.

Left : brand new, right : six months of use. A bit stretched out, but surprisingly no sunburns at all.

I will keep on counting on them.