This is quiet sudden, but if you like this video. We are gonna be a good friend.


I was a student at that time and worked part-time at a vintage cloth store. Put my heart into chatting with customers and customizing bikes at a small pit in there.

This video had been playing repeatedly then. I didn’t get tired of watching this video many times since I love the song during Andy part. (Probably few people know the rider, Andy was in MASH.)

I had concerned who played the song and what name is that.

Siri helps you out in a flash.

It was made by the band, ratatat. Quiet cheerful and happy!

The introduction has become quite long. I commute by this ALL CITY BIG BLOCK and ride Surly Steamroller on rainy days and layoff.

It is not resignation my love of fixed gear bike, but I prefer the BIG BLOCK recently.

You can feel like uniting into one with your bike not just riding while you ride on fixed.

I don’t wanna blame on the society, but we are compelled patience these days. Looking for something fun and fixed gear is my current choice.

Both the BIG BLOCK and the STEAMROLLER never bores. It’s really happy to ride them both.