The Ultrabrothers has done it. They made their own tires with Panaracer from scratch.

First of all, I wanted to point put how cool the tread patterns are.
I was also shocked by how these tires perform in trails, especially in sharp curves.

All of these triangle patterns you can see all over the tires, are not just some fancy decoration.

The triangles in the center, makes the ties to roll faster and gain more stopping power when you pull the brakes, the triangles in between the center and the outer side are slanted to prevent from slipping out on aggressive slippy curves, and the triangles on the outer side is to prevent wiping out when you lean your bike against the ground on curves.

Basically, all these triangles are there to ride safe and comfy in the dirt.

The tires are 47.99mm so they are “road plus” tires, but I felt like they could do a whole lot more than that.

You guys should give these tires a try too.